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Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from the Raven Team!! We hope you have a great holiday season & spend your time with loved ones and friends. We will have limited hours over the holidays in order to spend time with our families & appreciate your understanding! Feel free to contact us throughout and we will have someone in the office to return your calls in the morning.

Fulton Pulse Consolidation

As of January 1st, 2015 Fulton will be discontinuing their Pulse Condensing Boiler line. Parts and warranty will be available for the near future.

Fulton Boiler Training, New York

This week Brian and Ashley traveled to Pulaski, New York to attend Fulton Boiler Sales Training. During the training, they covered Fulton hot water boilers, Fulton boiler controls, Fulton steam boilers and Fulton thermal fluid boilers. They were very impressed to see what an innovative company Fulton is. They have a large staff of young engineers and are willing to invest the time and money required to bring Fulton to the top of the boiler industry.

During their stay in Pulaski, Brian and Ashley stayed at the Tailwater Lodge a local fishing lodge that was previously an Elementary School. With Pulaski being so close to Lake Ontario, they even got to enjoy their first snowfall! This part of New York is known for its fishing, hunting and of course Fulton boilers.

After each training session, we got to tour the manufacturing plant and see the processes for constructing these boilers and why Fulton can say they build their boilers Rugged, Robust & Reliable. One thing that really stuck out for both Brian and Ashley was the skid boiler systems. These aren’t your regular boiler skid packages. Fulton skid mounts the boiler and all other ordered equipment such as pumps, feed tanks & blow down separators if required. Then the equipment is completely wired and piped so all that is left to do is connect to one supply line, one return line, and one electrical connection.

Welcome Kimberley

Raven welcomes Kimberley Waller to the team, she is new to the industry and comes from a customer service background. Over the next month or so we will be getting her up to speed with Ravens procedures & venting products! We are excited to have her join us & please help us in welcoming her!! [email protected]

2014 Run for the Cure – Bear Creek Park

This past weekend Ashley participated in the 2014 5k Run for the Cure, for her 3rd consecutive year. The run had a great turn out this year, as it was only the second year Surrey has been a host. Her participation is dedicated to 2 very special women, her Grandmother who has been fighting breast cancer for the last 5 years and her Great Grandmother. She raised a total of $345.00 and finished with a time of 33 minutes, with a BIG thanks to Raven Supply, Bennett Lee, and Dave & Liz Siemens.


Niles in the Interior

Brian and Ashley headed out on the road again this time on an Interior BC tour checking out a few job sites and visiting customers before the snow starts to fly! With recently taking on the Niles Steel Tank line we have been pleasantly surprised at the response we have seen from our customers. Above you can see a picture of one of 3 very large Niles tanks provided to the Penticton Hatchery. A new facility that will be home to 2-3 hundred thousand Sockeye at a time. These tanks are covered in our R-16 spray on foam insulation.

We also recently supplied a few specialty stainless steel storage tanks to the Penticton Hospital. This was a great show of just how custom our Niles tanks can get. These had to be horizontal and all fittings rotated to the top of the tank to make clearances (the guys on site didn’t think they would make it in, it was close!) The tanks were 316L SS & passivated for an extended warranty. When we went to the site, the tanks weren’t in place, however, the concrete pads were just about set & ready for the switchover.

Northern Adventure

This past week, Brian and Ashley headed up North to Whitehorse to visit our customers before the snow started falling, with lows of -3, it sometimes felt as if it was snowing! From the beginning of the trip, they were greeted with some great small town hospitality, welcomed by each contractor they were able to visit. They also had the opportunity to visit some old job sites, see the 3rd photo for the Bryan Steam boiler building in the new Whistlebend complex, a project we supplied a Bryan Steam boiler and A-Vent to (note the truck stuck in the mud in the corner of the photo).

With a city of only 20,000 people they were amazed to see the size of the Canada Games Centre located just outside of downtown, an amazing facility with an indoor pool, multiple skating rinks, an indoor soccer field, indoor basketball court, gym, fitness studio & a running track overlooking it all on the 3rd floor. See the view from the Centre in the 4th photo! Ashley couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out this facility and spent the evening here.

Lucky enough to soak in some of the beauty Whitehorse had to offer, they experienced some of the longest most beautiful sunsets. Whitehorse is also known as “The Land of the Midnight Sun” however at this time of year the sun is setting around 9:30 PM. Another sight to see is Miles Canyon, during the gold rush there was a railroad track along the canyon, parts of it can still be seen today! This is one of the larger attractions in Whitehorse, and very popular with hikers and mountain bikers!

Hope you enjoyed an inside look at Raven’s trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun!

Manufacturer Announcement!

Raven Supply is now a distributor of Calefactio Expansion Tanks, formerly Expanlex. Full line of ASME and Non-ASME tanks for potable water and heating systems. Calefactio is able to offer custom tanks with exceptional delivery times. Contact us to find out more! .

Our Future President!

This past week everyone at the office was lucky enough to meet our future president. Baby Jacob, Brian’s grandson is full of love, energy, and laughter. Take a look at the pictures above of Brian and little Jay enjoying some time on the forklift in our warehouse. (He didn’t like it very much when he realized pressing on the steering wheel, made it honk!)

Manufacturer Announcement!

Raven Supply has been appointed as the exclusive Fulton Hydronic representatives for the province of BC & Yukon Territories. Fulton manufacturers a complete line of condensing natural gas and dual fuel (natural gas/oil) hydronic boilers.

Manufacturer Announcement!

Raven Supply is pleased to announce our distribution of the complete line of Hays automatic balancing valves including the Measurflo automatic flow valve, the “gold standard” of the construction industry.


As you can see in the pictures attached, We’ve updated our signage! Looking back at our signage before, the biggest change in our updated design is the color of the background. We’ve chosen black now which we think makes our original yellow and white color template really pop! Adding a sign to the outside wall of our building has also made a huge difference and looks awesome. We’re really happy with our new design and hope you guys like it to!

Manufacturer Announcement!

Raven Supply has been appointed as the exclusive Fulton Steam representatives for the province of BC & Yukon Territories. Fulton manufacturers a complete line of low surface area, vertical tubeless boilers which can be skid mounted for a turn-key install if required.

What Ashley came across in NYC..

Ashley in our office headed to the big apple to explore the city and go to our new manufacturer’s factory M&G Duravent in Albany, New York. While strolling the streets of Time Square she came across a store called ‘Nepal Crafts’ immediately thinking to herself… Room to Read. As mentioned before, our first school will be built in Nepal next year and we are very excited about that. Ashley picked up a couple souvenirs that came with some pretty interesting facts, read below!

The Elephant: Elephants have been a large part of the Nepalese culture for a long time and take a huge part in their religious beliefs. Up until the 1960’s there was a massive amount of elephants located in the low land forest areas of Nepal. Human civilization is always increasing and has resulted in devastatingly low numbers of Elephants in their natural habitat. On a brighter side, Royal Bardia National Park has  seen a significant amount of Elephants more frequently.

The Nepal government does recognize the importance of Elephants and their symbolic meaning. They have designated five protected areas for their families as well as a breeding facility at Khorsor. With the knowledge and importance recognized by the government this gives hope to the local elephants to keep their existence growing, healthy and happy.

 Swayambhunath Temple: The Swayambhunath Temple is located at the top of the hill in Kathmandu Valley. It is known as the “Monkey Temple” because of the holy monkeys living in the north-west parts of the temple. The Tibetan name for the temple means “Subline Trees” which describes the different forms and varieties of trees located all over the hill top. Swayambhunath Temple is the second more sacred land mark along side of the Buddhist Pilgrimage. The temple consists of Stupa a variety of shrine and temples, dating back to the Licchavi Period. The praying hands in the clay model Ashley got for us, symbolizes the prayers Nepal sends and receives every day.

We hope you found these little facts interesting about our upcoming city of our first school. Please see attached photos of Ashley at the Nepal Craft store and the souvenirs she brought back to the office!

Ashley and Bennett’s Excellent Adventure!

Ashley and Bennett in our office signed up for training in Peru, Indiana and Niles, Michigan and decided to turn it into an adventure. In Peru, Indiana they visited the Bryan plant to attend some training as well as an awesome factory tour along with all the other Canadian reps. While at Bryan they also visited the circus museum! (Did you know: Peru, Indiana is the circus capital of the world?!). At the factory, Ashley in the photos is standing beside a 25,000,000 Btu/hr boiler system that is being installed at the Marriott hotel in NYC. Amazing right? it was HUGE!. Visiting the Circus museum they saw many authentic drawings, mannequins and learned about the cities experiences in the Circus. Adding to the circus facts, Ashley and Bennett learned that one of the gentlemen at Bryan, Ron Guth takes part in the Circus’s yearly fair. He volunteers with the Lions Club, who sells famous Beef Biscuit. All proceeds go to the children of Peru in need of eyeglasses. Since we’re a huge supporter of Room to Read we found this especially close to our hearts.  The Circus lives on in Peru with people still training and practicing today, keeping the energy and love alive.

Moving along to the next part of their Excellent Adventure. Ashley and Bennett then headed on over to Niles, Michigan and got another day of training and factory tours. Mid road-trip, they decided to stop at Notre Dame University for a quick visit. Keep in mind the weather isn’t exactly warm at this point, as you can see in the pictures. However, the snow along the campus floors and roofs were more beautiful than ever. Walking along campus and visiting the campus store, they both grabbed a couple souvenirs and were on the road again.

The trip came to an end, with Ashley saying “It was so cold, I couldn’t wait to get back to Canada”. Ironically enough, the people in Peru didn’t understand why a Canadian would be complaining about the cold. It was funny but seriously cold, and Bennett complaining about how he couldn’t eat past 8 pm. Together they had a lot of fun, learned a ton and were so happy to have had the experience of going to Niles and Peru.

Now that you’ve read about their trip, look at the gallery and see it for yourself!

Powerflame CMAX released!!!!!!

“Powerflame is pleased to introduce the newest addition to its versatile, high capacity forced draft burner.”

When Raven heard about the Power Flame’s announcement of their new CMAX burner, we just had to share it with you!

1,260,000 – 92,400,000 BTU/HR !!

The high capacity forced draft burner has state of the art technology with maximum combustion. It fires all types of light oils and gaseous fuels. The design of the CMAX is suited for today’s firetube boilers, providing stable combustion over a wide turndown range. It’s currently available in two frame sizes which are CM9 and CM10. The burners have a minimum rating of 1,260 MBH and maximum of 36,000 MBH. It is also available in low nox version which helps utilize induced fuel gas recirculation and burns minimal emissions of gas or light oil. Access doors located on the blast tube allows for easy maintenance of the firing head components. The Power Flame CMAX adds flexibility and versatility for a wide range of optional features.

Benefits of Polypropylene

In the 2009 Edition of Plumbing & HVAC Product News Roy Collver makes the following statement in his article Fantastic Plastic.

“In researching the venting issue I asked a number of engineering types what their material of choice would be for venting gas appliances. To a person, they all had the same answer – POLYPROPYLENE!”

Roy had worked for many decades in all facets of the industry and is a frequent magazine contributor.

He had another article published in the March 2011 issue that also focused on PP venting entitles, “Ready for Prime Time”.

Download “Plumbing & HVAC” Product News

Polypropylene – Did You Know?

Recycle chart - post 2Polypropylene is Recyclable! PP is categorized as “Level 5” within the plastics recycle symbols standard. Where accepted, this plastic can be dropped into blue boxes and processed for re-use.

According to the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), Canadians recycled almost 600 million pounds of plastic in 2011.

Over time, scale build-up in boilers and water heaters can cause heat exchangers to lose transfer efficiency. Plugged air filters can cause short-cycling in furnaces leading to over-heating. Problems like these can cause flue gas temperatures to climb beyond the capabilities of the venting material! These facts should be considered carefully when selecting a venting system.

There is more to installing PVC and CPVC pipe than cutting & gluing the pieces together. There is a long list of steps that should be followed while installing solvent welded pipe.

Common pitfalls that lead to problems with solvent welded pipe?

Temp Chart - Post 2

  • Failure to properly cut, debur, chamfer, and clean pipe according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Not using primer, or using the wrong primer/cement
  • Using primer/cement that is too hot or too cold
  • Using primer/cement on pipe that is too hot or too cold
  • Application of too much or too little primer/cement
  • Failure to hold pieces together until they have set
  • Failing to follow directions as to curing time (24-48HR)
  • Failure to follow pipe support instructions

UV Protection Is Required
Like all plastics, polypropylene can be damaged if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods. To prevent degradation, installers should always use Black UV treated PP pipe when terminating.