Leroy Fernandes - Venting Estimator

Leroy Fernandes

Venting Estimator

About Leroy

Leroy, a mechanical engineering graduate, honed his expertise in operations and supply chain management in India working in the manufacturing sector. Originally from India, moved to Vancouver for better education and a connection with nature, currently residing in Surrey.

In his role as an estimator at Raven, Leroy undertakes a multifaceted responsibility. He meticulously, scrutinizes project requirements based on raven long term and short-term needs. Additionally, helps gets in touch with clients to understand their needs and provide them with cost estimations.

Leroy aspires to attain a project management designation as part of his long-term goals. Beyond his professional pursuits, he has a passion for continuous learning, engaging in option trading and abacus for personal enjoyment. Additionally, he stays physically fit through jogging and hiking, reflecting his commitment to holistic well-being. Leroy’s journey embodies a blend of academic accomplishment, professional dedication, and a zest for diverse learning experiences.

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Words my father taught me:

Happiness is a state of mind.

Favourite website to waste time on?

Reddit, can read about anything under the sun.

Cant live without my..

Spicy fried chicken

Favorite restaurant in Vancouver

Samurai restaurant, best sushi here!