Burak Bozkurt - Mechanical Sales Engineer

Burak Bozkurt

Mechanical Sales Engineer

About Burak

Burak was born in the beautiful city of Adana, located in the southernmost part of Turkey, at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, and lived there until university. His greatest passion until his university years was basketball, and he played as team captain for 8 years in the city’s sports club.  

  Later, he went to Erzurum for university and completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, starting his career journey. For over a decade, he worked in global companies in Turkey’s HVAC industry in sales engineering and mid-level management positions. In the last quarter of 2023, he decided to move to Vancouver with his wife and son and joined the Raven Supply team as a mechanical sales engineer.  

Traveling and cooking are his greatest pleasures, and he believes that engaging in cultural conversations with people is very beneficial for him. 

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What languages do you speak?


Favorite movie?

Pulp Fiction.

Favorite ice cream flavor?


If you could travel anywhere where would it be?

New Zealand.

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