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The quality of materials and construction are immediately evident in a Weishaupt burner.

The powder-coated cast aluminum housing is extremely durable and lightweight; resisting corrosion and vibration. The acoustically engineered air intake yields incredibly quiet, smooth operation. Components such as motors, sensors, cables, and controllers are carefully selected with the understanding that reliability is only as good as the weakest component. When you buy a Weishaupt, you can expect only the best.

At the heart of every modern Weishaupt burner is the “W-FM” digital combustion management system. The W-FM system (also branded as “LMV”) was developed in partnership with Siemens to serve as the gold standard in industrial combustion controls. Weishaupt offers several versions of this control system, each with different capabilities and intended applications such as dual-fuel, continuous operation, oxygen trim, VFD control, low NOx, and integrated process controls. The W-FM control system is eligible for steam boiler rebates with FortisBC.

While many power burners still use a single mod motor to control the air and fuel flow simultaneously through a series of mechanical jack-shafts and linkages, Weishaupt uses precise digitally-controlled stepper motors to control the airflow and fuel delivery independently from each other, similar to how a modern car engine works.

This type of system is often referred to as a “linkage-less”, “parallel positioning”, or “micro-ratio” controls. This technology allows for a much higher degree of precision and control than traditional linkage systems, ultimately resulting in higher efficiency, better reliability, cleaner combustion, and reduced maintenance requirements. Digital control also means that real-time data can be continuously collected and analyzed remotely, making it highly preferable for industrial critical-use applications. Upgrading to linkageless controls on your next burner has been made easier with Steam Boiler Rebates from FortisBC.

Weishaupt WM-GL30 14,700 MBH dual-fuel Monarch burner retrofitted onto a 350 HP Volcano steam boiler for a hospital in Trail, B.C.

With the Weishaupt W-FM100 and W-FM200 systems, multiple fuel calibrations can be stored and backed up. This feature is critical for dual-fuel burners so that no further adjustments are necessary when changing between fuel sources – it is literally as easy as the flip of a switch. When a backup fuel source is needed during an emergency situation, there is no time to re-tune the burner. Weishaupt linkage-less burners are not susceptible to “hysteresis”, and are known to run reliably for decades without readjustment.

Weishaupt burners can also be retrofitted onto older boilers as an upgrade. In many cases, net efficiency gains of 15% or more can be realized through higher turndown and optimized combustion efficiency. The payback can be quite attractive, especially when considering the increased reliability and control capabilities.

Did You Know?

Standard Weishaupt burners are eligible for rebates with Fortis BC
Fortis offers a program to reward boiler owners who replace old, inefficient power burners with new high-efficiency Weishaupt natural gas power burners.
For maximum turndown, choose a burner with linkage-less controls such as a Weishaupt WG40.



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