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There are many other design elements and standard features that make Powermaster boilers “a cut above” all other major firetube brands that are available in Canada.

All boilers are built by skilled craftsmen in Powermaster’s ASME certified ISO-9001 factory in Queretaro, Mexico. Through this partnership, Raven Supply is now able to offer technically superior industrial firetube boilers to the BC market with pricing that is competitive with all major brands. This brings a tremendous amount of value to a market that has historically left industrial customers with very limited options.

Did You Know?

Fortis offers a program to reward boiler owners who replace old, inefficient power burners with new high-efficiency Weishaupt natural gas power burners.
Modulating steam boiler level controls help prevent oscillating water levels.
Preheating makeup water to at least 190F reduces oxygen content to 200 PPB, reducing chemical requirements as well as reducing boiler corrosion.
50 psi steam can have a velocity from 6000 to 8000 ft/sec in a typical process application.

To learn more about why you should consider Powermaster for your next project, contact Raven Supply today!