Hyatt Regency

Domestic water storage tank replacement in this luxury Vancouver hotel.

Project details and overview

Client Served

Hyatt Regency® Hotels


Vancouver, British Columbia

Mechanical Contractor

Total Energy Systems Ltc.

Project Consultant

Rodier Mechanical

Equipment Details

Qty. of 2 Niles Steel Tank custom hot water generator. 1,400-gallon capacity tanks fabricated from passivated 316L stainless steel, ASME rated to 300 psi, with double-walled U-tube heat exchangers for providing 10,000,000 BTU/h of capacity using saturated steam.

When Rodier Mechanical issued a tender for a direct replacement of the existing 304 stainless steel tanks, Raven offered an alternative proposal to Total Energy Systems to have the tanks fabricated by Niles, except using passivated 316L stainless steel rather than type 304. It is well known that type 316L offers considerably higher resistance to oxygen corrosion, chlorides, and acidic water – all of which are common issues with domestic water in Vancouver. Passivation is a surface modification that involves immersing the entire tank in a heated acid bath, which creates a protective oxide layer on the metal surfaces and welds, further increasing the tank’s durability and longevity. Even with the price premium of 316L and passivation, Raven was able to match the price of the specified type 304 non-passivated tanks, while also offering a much longer warranty.

The contractor was facing a very tight project schedule that required Raven to make special arrangements with the manufacturer, Niles Steel Tank, in order to ensure that the equipment would arrive on site before the scheduled downtime. In addition, both the tanks and the tube bundle heat exchangers required new CRNs (Canadian Registration Numbers) which Raven obtains through Technical Safety BC.

With careful coordination and weekly follow-ups from Raven’s project management, Niles was able to meet the deadline by allocating a second welder to the project, working overtime, and completing the passivation process in only three days.

Transporting these large tanks through the tight streets of downtown Vancouver was not an easy feat either, but the project team worked hard together to get it done. Total Energy System’s project manager commented,

[Linna] coordinated my requirements very well. Keep up the good work. 10/10 experience.

Project Manager Total Energy Systems Ltc.

Products used in this project

Hyatt Regency

Water Storage Tanks

Size Range

175 - 5,695 US Gallon

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