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A Year of Giving, and Why We Support Room to Read

Primary school students at a Room to Read school in Chalinze, Tanzania.

Raven Supply is thrilled to announce that this year, we raised $24,000 for literacy charity Room to Read thanks to the generous support of our customers and vendors.

These funds exceeded our initial goal of $20,000, and will be used to send 60 girls to school in developing countries around the world. Not only will this have a direct impact on the day-to-day lives of these girls, but this education will give them the tools to lift themselves out of poverty, contribute financially to their families, and avoid early marriages. According to the World Health Organization, for each year a girl attends school, her future earnings increase by 11%.

Throughout 2018, Raven Supply offered our vendors the chance to join us in supporting Room to Read. They have more than stepped up to this challenge by providing regular discounts on final invoicing prices for goods and services.  We took these savings and rolled them directly into these fundraising efforts. Not only that, but our remarkable community of customers made donations in many sizes, and we couldn’t help but to be inspired to match these contributions dollar for dollar.

Raven Supply has supported the work of Room to Read since 2013. This exceptional charity supports children’s literacy in 16 countries including India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Tanzania. Room to Read’s data informed approach to literacy programming includes opening school libraries, producing in-language children’s books, funding student scholarships and uniforms, and giving local young people leadership training so that they can advocate for girls’ education in their communities.

Students run to class at a Room to Read school in Mindutulieni, Tanzania.

In May 2019, our Project Engineer Linna Luu will travel to Tanzania to see Room to Read in action. During her trip she’ll spend time at a Room to Read school and get to know some of the girls participating in literacy and leadership programs there. We will be sure to share the story of her incredible trip here on our blog.

To date, with your support, Raven Supply has contributed over $170,000 to Room to Read projects. We sincerely thank you for your generosity, and look forward to announcing our 2019 fundraising efforts soon!

Happy New Year!


Bridgeview BLAST Afterschool Program

BLAST is an afterschool program at Bridgeview Elementary school here in Surrey, BC. The program provides inspiring and enriching after school activities to identified vulnerable and low-income students who would otherwise be unable to access similar structured extracurricular activities. This invaluable program increases their self-confidence, builds unique and interesting skills and allows students to connect to various new activities and experiences with their peers while reconnecting to the school and learning.

Last year at BLAST, they had another successful year of programming with 30 students registered and this year they have 42 students registered! Raven Supply strongly believes every child should have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and that is why we are happy to support the BLAST program!

An outreach worker at BLAST said “One student in our BLAST program has struggled with her self confidence over the past couple of years. She is quite shy and doesn’t have many friends, so she is usually by herself. BLAST allows her to be in and out of the classroom learning environment – here she can try new things while interacting with her peers. When we do group work in BLAST the other students are very good at accepting and helping her. She loves being in BLAST and it is so good to see her smile every time she comes.”

The staff and students at Bridgeview Elementary sent a heart warming thank you letter where we got to see just how impactful our donation was: “Staff and students at Bridgeview want to thank Raven Supply for their continued support of BLAST! Your donation allows us to continue running this amazing program that has become deeply embedded into our school culture. We are able to provide opportunities to our most at-risk students who deserve to feel included. Low socio-economic statistics mean children here are vulnerable and have few opportunities for extracurricular program participation, and often spend time at home alone. Families often struggle to provide life sustaining basics (food, shelter and clothing) for their children. Understandably, registering in and transporting their children back and forth to sport, recreation and community programs falls down the priority list and consequently children miss out on their important benefits. Thanks to the generosity of Raven Supply we have been able to give these children a new hope for the future, breaking through barriers and empowering students through after school programming.”

Raven Supply is thrilled to see the impact the BLAST program has on the students and we hope to be apart of the program for many years to come!

Aldrich Steam Boilers

Aldrich Classic firetube boiler fitted with a Weishaupt burner

Here at Raven, we have been looking for a manufacturer that specializes in steam boilers for low pressure applications. Luckily, we found Aldrich, who does just that and more!

Established in 1936, Aldrich Company serves the global market as a premier manufacturer of firetube boilers and water heaters. Aldrich Company researches, engineers, manufactures and sells quality boilers and water heaters for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

The Classic Series 3-pass horizontal “scotch box” firetube boiler is available in sizes from 12 to 250 horsepower, with configurations as either low-pressure steam (15 PSI) or up to 80 PSI hot water boilers. The design is a hybrid between a 3-pass scotch marine firetube and a firebox boiler. It has the slim profile, easy maintenance, and economical cost of a firebox coupled with the durability, efficiency, and high-water volume of a horizontal firetube. Aldrich offers extra-thick flared tubes and tube sheets, making it a workhorse that is built to last for generations. This type of boiler is especially well suited in breweries, distilleries, and agricultural applications.

For more information on Aldrich boilers, please visit our website or contact us at the office!

Bennett’s 10 Year Anniversary!

Please help us congratulate Bennett Lee on his 10th year anniversary with Raven Supply!

Bennett was one of the first to join the Raven team after completing a co-op term with Raven Supply. He has been a huge part in the company’s growth over the years. Raven supply wouldn’t be what it is today without Bennett’s ongoing determination and enthusiasm. Bennett is the go-to guy for any question, on any project – especially when it comes to venting!

To celebrate, the Raven team went for lunch at the Swiss Chalet just down the road. Afterwards, we all enjoyed cake and coffee in the conference room where Bennett opened his congratulation gifts and spoke about his fond memories at Raven.

Thank you for being such a critical member of the Raven Team, it truly wouldn’t be the same without you! You are a role model to everyone in the office and we admire how much effort you put into everything that you do. We look forward to working with you for years to come!

Bal’s 10 Year Anniversary!

Monday August 20th, 2018 marked a special day here at Raven Supply. We celebrated Bal’s 10-year anniversary with Raven! She has been a huge part of the company’s growth and success over the years. Her contribution and commitment towards her work is truly commendable. Bal’s loyalty, reliability, and attention to small detail is what keeps the operation running smoothly day to day.

The Raven team celebrated by going out for Lunch at the Cactus Club Café. Afterwards, we enjoyed cake and coffee in the conference room and Bal shared some of her favorite memories at Raven.

Thank you for being such a valuable member of our team, we truly admire your dedication. We appreciate all that you do, Raven Supply wouldn’t be the same without you! We are honored and humbled to have you on the team and look forward to the many years to come.

Please help us congratulate Bal on her 10-year anniversary with Raven Supply!

Young Engineering

Young Engineering joined the Raven product line only a few short months ago!

Young Engineering, founded in 1987, is a privately owned company with headquarters and manufacturing operations out of San Dimas, California. Their mission is to make the transmission of fluids safer for business communities and people around the world.

Young Engineering specializes in making hydropneumatic bladder tanks for liquid surge suppression. This type of tank can be used in virtually any hydraulic system that may be subject to rapid pressure changes, also known as “pressure transients”. This can be caused by events such as rapid valve closures, pumps starting/stopping, or power failure. Without some form of surge suppression, these events have the potential to damage the pipeline, corresponding equipment, and the surrounding environment.

Young Engineering custom designs and fabricates all their bladder surge tanks using their wealth of engineering expertise combined with ASME pressure vessel design standards. They can build tanks to suit virtually any application requirement for fluid transmission. A few examples include mining operations, oil & gas transmission, pump stations, water/wastewater treatment, and fire suppression systems. Hydraulic transient analysis calculations can also be provided to verify that the tank design meets your system’s surge suppression requirements. Their standard sizes ranges from 40 to 10,000 gallons, with design pressures of 275 to 500 psi.

If you would like to know more about all the great products Young Engineering has to offer, give us a call or find their product details on our website!

Procore Event

Procore hosted an excellent event at the Terminal City Club, where they focused on Technology in the Construction Industry. Following breakfast, there was a panel discussion lead by Helen Goodland of Brantwood consulting. Helen led a very intriguing conversation on how the construction industry is changing with the use of technology.

On the panel were Tooey Courtemanche CEO of Procore Technology, Tim Coldwell President of Chandos Construction, Brandon Drewlo President of Novacom Building Partners, Sunny Ghatautah President of AES Engineering, Mike Maierle Principal of Etro consulting, and Clint Undseth VP of Innovation at Stuart Olson.

As the discussions went on, Ashley was pleased to hear many of the insights shared by these industry leaders are very closely aligned with the beliefs of the Raven Team.

The panelists agreed to the many benefits of hiring recent grads as well as hiring talent from outside the construction industry. Raven has worked with the UBC Co-op program for many years hiring more than 10 co-op students. We gladly welcomed both Nic and Bennett back full time after graduation. We are always looking for the next addition to the Raven Team, at the local store or coffee shop.

Having trouble seeing how a project may look, or how you are going to get that equipment onto site? You may benefit from looking for your next hire in the gaming industry! They also shared their thoughts on how we can all benefit from sharing information with one another.

If you get the opportunity to attend an event with these brilliant folks, we would highly recommend attending! If you’re interested in checking out the footage from the event, please reach out to Sanjeev Dhillon with Procore at [email protected].

Linna and Bennett’s Trip to Maxi-Therm

Maxi-Therm joined the Raven product line only a few short months ago. They offer innovative solutions for steam applications, including steam to hot water, clean steam and many more. Linna and Bennett were the first of the Raven team to visit Maxi-Therm in Montreal!

Both Bennett and Linna were very impressed by Maxi-Therm’s innovative designs.  Bennett got the chance to take an up-close look at their approach to high pressure steam to hot water generation, which saves mechanical room footprint space and reduces energy consumption by 5-20% by eliminating all flash steam loss! They were also fascinated by the design of Maxi-Therm’s heaters. Not only are they compact, but they are also skid packaged that comes with required control valves and electronic controls for a simple plug and play install. Bennett and Linna got to see the various industries that have benefited from installing a Maxi-Therm package, including universities, hospitals, food processors, and many more.

The Maxi-Therm Facility has a state of the art research and development laboratory. This is where Bennett got a peak at Maxi-Therm’s most current energy-saving innovation – a micro steam powered motor that can both convert high pressure steam to low pressure steam and harvest lost superheat into electricity!

Aside from a great visit at Maxi-Therm, Bennett and Linna also enjoyed exploring Montreal. They visited Parc Maisonneuve, Mount Royal Park, and the Redpath Museum at McGill University. Even though the meals with the manufacturers were delicious, they couldn’t leave Montreal without trying a smoked meat sandwich and poutine.

Linna and Bennett also got the chance to head over to Security Chimney’s Facility in Laval. This was Linnas first time at Security, so she was happy to finally meet everyone and be able to put a face to everyone’s name. Linna expected most of the manufacturing to be automated but was surprised at the great deal of manual work and coordination required for each order. Now she has a much greater appreciation for all the custom pieces that Security manufactures for us!

Merinda Joins the Raven Team

Raven welcomes Merinda Widmer to the team! She graduated from the Chemical Engineering program at the University of Alberta in 2018.

Merindas previous work experience includes Office Administration at Water Canada in Kelowna, a residential reverse osmosis company. She also held a position as an Accountants Assistant at Sunset Accounting. Both of these companies gave her excellent background knowledge on small businesses, how they are run and the importance of customer service! All making her a great addition to the Raven Team.

Merinda moved to the lower mainland after accepting the position of Inside Sales Engineer at Raven, currently residing in Surrey. She brings a great energy to the office, always smiling and willing to take on any challenge that comes her way.

She will be taking over all venting estimating and project coordination from Isaac when he goes back to UBC in August, while working with the rest of the engineering team on boilers, heat exchangers and all parts. She has already been to the Fulton Boiler Manufacturing facilities in both Syracuse and Pulaski, NY for systems training as well as attended the BCFPA Food Pro West trade show and multiple site visits!

In her spare time, she loves playing volleyball, she has volunteered with the Central Okanagan School District officiating and score keeping for local games. When trying to relax you can find her  doing hot yoga or watching hockey. Merinda also looks forward to exploring the lower mainland and trying some new restaurants.

Please join us in welcoming Merinda to the team!

Nic Visits Two Elementary Schools in Vietnam

In May, Nic and his girlfriend Christina travelled to visit two rural elementary schools in the Tien Giang Province of Vietnam, both of which had recently begun working with Room To Read to embrace their proven-successful library program. In 2017, Raven Supply and its generous partners raised $20,000 to fund scholarships for Vietnamese schoolgirls who are often held back from obtaining secondary and post-secondary education due to socioeconomic hurdles.

Nic and Christina were guided by three of Room To Read’s Vietnamese regional representatives: Chau, Lin, and Trang. During the journey into the Mekong Delta, the three women shared how Room To Read’s efforts are tailored to help resolve the educational issues that are specific to the country of Vietnam. They learned that while the government usually provides adequate infrastructure and access to primary school for all children, many areas still lack important teaching resources such as books and librarian training.

Before the new Room To Read libraries were opened, the old libraries were mostly empty, decrepit, and locked shut to prevent students from freely accessing the books. Naturally, this left many students uninterested in exploring the world outside their doorstep, which has been correlated with a lack of interest in pursuing further education beyond primary school. By providing freely accessible libraries with an abundance of attractive books for students to borrow, Room To Read’s model has proven to be successful in encouraging students to continue their education and pursue careers in a diverse range of professions that are essential to the socioeconomic development of an independent nation that is still recovering from the devastation of war and impacts of foreign dominance throughout history.

Upon arrival at both the Phu Dong and Long Hoa primary schools, the group received a very warm welcome from the principals, librarians, government representatives, and administrative staff. With the help of Chau’s excellent translation skills, Nic was able to explain Raven Supply’s unique approach to successfully raising funds for Room To Read through its vendor partnerships and customer donations. Conversely, the staff shared glowing stories about how Room To Read’s library program is making such a positive impression on their students, after only 1-2 years since being introduced. The government representatives showed strong commitment to continuing their support for Room To Read, noting the organization’s strong leadership and accountability as being instrumental to their success.

Following the meetings with staff, Nic and Christina visited the libraries to observe and interact with the students during a reading period. Being from such a rural area, the children could not contain their excitement and curiosity at the sight of two foreigners. During a Q&A session, the children had a never-ending stream of questions about life in Canada, especially on the topic of polar bears. By the end of the visit, Nic and Christina were swarmed by hundreds of bright-eyed smiling children!

Eventually, the children reluctantly said goodbye. Nic and Christina then travelled to explore the natural and cultural wonders of Vietnam before returning home to Vancouver. Surely, it was a humbling experience that will never be forgotten!


Fulton Systems Training

View of Lake Ontario from Rainbow Shores Restaurant

Linna and Merinda were amongst the first Fulton reps to attend the first Systems Training course offered at Fulton’s Pulaski Facility.

They spent some time looking into improperly designed systems, what can go wrong and what would have prevented the problem. This was a great take away for Raven, our team of engineers spent a lot of time providing design assistance for design-build projects and helping to troubleshoot issues.

For Merinda, this was her first Fulton visit. While she has received product training here at Raven, she enjoyed getting to learn about the system as a whole.

The Fulton team arranged a delicious dinner at the Rainbow Shores Restaurant, with a beautiful view of Lake Ontario. Luckily the weather held up for their evening out, during the trip, the weather was sporadic with storms one second and beautiful sunny skies the next.

The hospitality offered by the Fulton team is always second to none; both Ladies had a great time getting to know the Team. On the last day of training, Merinda was lucky enough to drop by Fulton’s new facility in Syracuse while Linna set flight for a trip home to Edmonton.

New addition to the Raven Family!

The Raven Team is growing! You may have noticed a friendly new voice when calling into Raven. We proudly welcomed Megan Davies into a new Administrative roll! Megan joined the team in April, coming from a similar role at a tech start-up company. Her background is in education, teaching English in Japan and Thailand then returning to BC to teach locally.

Megan has attended at UVic and BCIT where she studied graphic design and visual arts, and earning her B.F.A.

Megan brings her excellent customer service skills, administrative and leadership experience. She has proven herself to be a very valuable part of the team in her short time at Raven.

Don’t worry – Bal isn’t going anywhere. The Office Administrator position was added to give Bal some much needed back up on all office activities!

Please join us in welcoming Megan!

Fulton Annual Sales Meeting

Earlier this month the Raven Team went down to Vegas for Fulton’s Sales Meeting at the Red Rock Resort. Bennett, Nic, Linna and Ashley thoroughly enjoyed the 4 day meeting, where we learned about the engineering and process changes the company has made, new and innovative product offerings and how we are going to grow with Fulton in the coming year.

It wasn’t all business on the trip, the team got to get out and see parts of Vegas they had never seen before. Bennett and Linna took a tour of the Hoover Dam which was a very cool experience, the guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. They enjoyed the view from above and down into the turbine room.

Nic and Ashley took a trip out to the Red Rock Canyon where they hiked a couple of miles up to the beautiful rock face of the Canyon. While hiking is a favorite activity for both Nic and Ashley, they enjoyed the difference in scenery and would love to go back and check out more of the Canyon. Although Ashley may not join the locals in free climbing the rock.

Fulton Did an excellent job bringing everyone together and making it a great experience for every rep who attended.

2018 Room to Read Initiative Update

Raven Hydronic Supply Ltd. is proud to announce its 2018 fundraising initiative in support of educating children in the developing world.

Raven is again partnering with Room to Read, this years project will be in Tanzania. Tanzania suffers from high levels of poverty, wide spread disease, and lack of development. Almost 90 percent of Tanzania lives on less than $2 a day.

With a goal of $20,000, Raven is excited to be funding a year of education for 50 girls. Girls who finish secondary school go on to earn more, have smaller and healthier families, and more likely to educate their own children – ending the cycle of poverty.

With your help we can make a difference in the lives of children and provide them with the lifelong gift of education.

Raven Supply has been a proud supporter of Room to Read since 2013. As always Raven will match each donation.

Since 2013 we have contributed over $144,000 to Room to Read.

Click here to learn more about this project.