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An introduction to PolyPro, Polypropylene Plastic Venting AKA: PP, PPC, PPS

Polypropylene plastic venting has recently taken the venting world by storm. Not only is polypropylene the safest, most reliable material for plastic installation, it is also easy to install. Instead of using primers and solvent, polypropylene utilizes a sealing gasket at each joint. The use of joints allows the pipes to expand and contract, this eliminates stress-cracking problems that are common with solvent-welded pipe systems. Gaskets also make the system easy to pull apart and put back together again. Polypropylene is a simple plastic composed of carbon and hydrogen and has been around since the 1950’s. In the event of a fire, no leeching or off-gassing of heavy metals or carcinogens occurs. Polypropylene is known for being strong, flexible and is environmentally friendly as it is recyclable. When using polypropylene there are no long-term health risks due to inhalation of vapours or absorption of chemicals into the skin. Polypropylene also has a higher operating temperature, quicker to install and is cheaper than CPVC and PVC. PolyPro also comes is a Flex option which is usually used for retrofit installation of new, high-efficiency appliances in homes with an existing masonry chimney or sheet-rocked chase. PolyPro is approved for a quickly growing number of appliance systems, make sure to always verify that the appliance is approved for polypropylene.