Security Chimneys

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Security Secure Seal® SS, SSD, SSID, and Flex

    Quick and easy installation for special-gas applications with quality and dependability.

    Suited for Categories I, II, III and IV; and listed for Type BH gas vent applications for appliances with a rated operating flue temperature up to 480°F (248°C). Options include single-wall, double-wall, and insulated double-wall venting for cold climates all made using corrosion-resistant AL29-4C® stainless steel inners. Secure Seal is ideal for gas-fired condensing appliances including high-efficiency boilers, furnaces, booster heaters, pool heaters, water heaters, unit heaters, and tankless water heaters.

    The Secure Seal system is the complete commercial package for modern venting and reliability. Installers can assemble the system effortlessly with confidently thanks to a patented coupling system and self-sealing Viton O-ring gaskets. In addition, a flexible version of Secure Seal is offered for masonry relining applications. Even better, Secure Seal Flex features a smooth inner-wall made using super-ferritic stainless that provides for no output reduction.





    DuraVent FasNSeal single-wall and FasNSeal W2 double-wall AL29-4C is the original stainless steel special gas venting system developed by PROTECH. FasNSeal is approved for use on a wide variety of natural gas or propane Category II, III, and IV appliances or Canada’s Type BH Gas Vent Systems.

    All FasNSeal vent lengths and components feature a patented built-in mechanical locking band and triple-lipped directional gaskets for ease of installation. Available in diameters from 3″ up to 24″.

    With FasNSeal W2 double-wall, a ½” air space between the inner and outer walls helps to reduce clearance to combustibles and creates a heat shield for additional safety where MAN-SAFE policies may apply.

FasNSeal® Flex

    DuraVent FasNSeal Flex is made from super-ferritic stainless steel. It features a smooth inner-wall to optimize gas flow, minimize back-pressure, facilitate better condensate management, and to make cleaning easier. FasNSeal Flex is the only flexible chimney liner approved to both ULC-S636 and UL 1738. It also meets the UL 1777 standard.