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Post earthquake Recovery Efforts Update

Two years post earthquake, Room to Read has implemented their Literacy program in 125 affected schools. They have completed construction on 166 libraries and classrooms across 15 schools.

There is still a long way to go, however the construction has begun on 427 classrooms and libraries in the Nuwakot District. One of these schools, funded by Raven Supply.

Room to Read conducts site visits annually to all of their projects. Typically less than 1% show any signs of damage. In 2015 this grew to 4% due to the damages caused by the earthquake. Minimal damage occurred to Room to Read schools while surrounding structures were completely destroyed.

Please read report in the PDF section. “Nepal Education Fund – An Update on Our Post-Earthquake Recovery Efforts”.


Bennett travelled to Cambodia to see the recipients of $20,000 in scholarships

In January Bennett travelled to Cambodia to experience the effect Room to Read has on students first hand. In 2016 Raven Supply and their partners raised $20,000.00 for 50 girls scholarships for girls in grade 9-12.

In the province of Kampong Thom, about a 2.5hr bus ride from Phnom Penh to the south, Bennett arrived at the school. He was welcomed by all 700 students and teachers lined up along the dirt road that leads into their school grounds. Overwhelmed by the excitement, Bennett was officially thanked by the School principal. He recalls the pure excitement of the students and the music coming over the loud speakers.

While at the school, Bennett joined in a few student-led study-clubs where the student who is doing the best in the subject leads the class. The study clubs not only help out struggling students but are helping develop leadership skills. “She will present a problem and then lead the class in solving it. There’s an emphasis on participation as she will ask students to volunteer and then they’ll go up to the class and try solving the problem.” The program has been working so well, the government is now doing its part to incorporate it in all schools.

In the afternoon, Bennett got a chance to sit down with some of the local students and their mothers. “All the parents were extremely proud of their daughters and elated that they’re given a chance to further themselves. They didn’t get this opportunity themselves when they were younger and were not encouraged to go to school. The biggest change they’ve seen since Room to Read started the program is that their daughters are so much more confident now in the things they do and that they’ll try to problem solve any obstacles that they encounter. The girls have big aspirations, wanting to become teachers, doctors, nurses, policewomen and even a tour guides so they can travel and even see snow one day!”

Bennett was surprised how a relatively small contribution from Raven has such a great impact. With our help, a few dozen families have been given a good chance to further their kid’s futures. He joined in a Goal Setting class where he could see their passion for bettering their lives, having careers and set a higher standard for girls in their community.

Onward he went to a guided group tour of the rest of the country. He was on an 11-day tour that brought him to several other towns and areas in Cambodia. Tourism is a large driver of the economy. In the end, he saw hope that Cambodia was moving forward. Solidifying the fact that, World Change Starts with educated children.

Peach Arch News Feature

Raven Supply has been featured in the Peace Arch Newspaper for our fundraising efforts. Our fundraising technique, now branded with Room to Read as “The Raven Technique”, has brought us up to over $124,000 contributed since 2013.


2017 Room to Read Initiative Update

This year we will be fundraising to refurbish 2 libraries in Vietnam, a total cost of $20,000! This will include books, puzzles, and a child friendly learning environment. Click here to learn more about this project.

In 2015, children with access to Room to Read libraries checked out more than 7.8 million books, an average of 9.5 books per student! Quite a large improvement from 3 books per student in 2009.

Room to Read also provides education for the local teachers and librarians, on how to run a library and allow children to take the books home. Bal Munday, of Raven Supply, said that on her Room to Read trip to India, the librarians cared so much about their books they would go to the students house to collect them if they weren’t returned on time.

We are looking forward to another successful year of fundraising!

Thank you for your support!

Raven Supply Donates $20,000.00 to Room to Read

Raven Supply was proud to hand over the cheque for their 2016 fundraising initiative with Room to Read. Last year, their fundraising efforts raised $20,000 for girls scholarships in Cambodia. This includes community support to ensure the girls are attending the school, learning materials and much more. Often in countries like Cambodia girls are taken out of school after their elementary years.

Raven Supply has now contributed over $124,000 to Room to Read projects in Asia.

Check out Room to Read’s 2015 Global Monitoring Report for more details on their initiatives!