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2015 Room to Read fundraising initiatives!

Raven Supply is proud to announce its 2015 Room to Read fundraising initiatives! For this year’s vendor project we will be funding to send 50 girls in India to school for 1 year through Room to Reads Girls Education Program, a total of $17,500. Through this program not only will the girls be allowed to go to school it will provide them with confidence & life skills, mentor programs, academic support & create community and family engagement. Please see 2015 Vendor Project PDF for more details!

For our 2015 customer project Raven Supply will be fundraising to complete a renovation of an existing library in Andhra Pradesh, India. The total renovation cost is $8,000 this includes providing materials such as books, puzzles, furniture, posters, puzzles & library management training. Please see 2015 Customer Project PDF for more details!

We decided to fundraise for India this year as that is where Bal, our office manager is from. Below is a little more about Bal, her background and why it is important to  her.

“This scholarship project is very near and dear to me. As some of you may know my ancestral background is that of Northern India. Being third generation Canadian immigrant I was very fortunate to receive my education here in Surrey BC including post-secondary education at Kwantlen University. In 2008 I had the opportunity to visit family in India; while I was there I also saw firsthand the effects of poverty and illiteracy on young girls. These girls as young as 7 or 8 were getting up early in the morning to help their mothers with the household chores, and then either going to work with their mothers or staying home to look after their siblings while her parents went to work. By the time they reach 18 or 19 they are married and the cycle repeats.

With this project not only will we help educate  50 daughters but also help them become a strong confident young women. Their families, communities and villages will benefit greatly from their knowledge and hopefully reduce or eliminate the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Knowledge is power and can make a huge change. I’m looking forward to my visit in 2016 to the school where the girls are benefiting from these scholarships.

Thank you for your support”