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We have reached our 2015 Vendor Project goal!

Raven Supply is happy to announce we have reached our 2015 Vendor Project goal! Thank you to our vendors who so generously gave us discounts off our orders, and thank you to our customers for continuing to give us orders so we can ask for these discounts! We only have $650.00 to go on our 2015 Customer project and are looking forward to completing the customer project this month as well.

Room to Read Initiative Update

Raven Supply was very excited to meet with Annie Place of Room to Read this month! She works on West Coast initiatives and recently joined the Room to Read team. She was in town to meet with a few donors in the Vancouver Area. Thanks to all Ravens Vendors and Customers that have participated in our fundraising initiatives since 2013 in Nepal and India for putting us on the Room to Read map!

Annie will be keeping us connected with Room to Read and providing us with our 2016 Room to Read initiative options!

Shree Madan Asrit Lower Secondary School

We have received an update from Room to Read that our school was not in one of the earthquake affected areas! However, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. As we at Raven start to figure out what we can do to help, here are a few different numbers. If you or anyone you know would be interested in contributing to helping to get the children of Nepal back into functioning school houses, please do not hesitate to contact Brian or Ashley @ 604-543-7977.

  • Construct each new classroom for US$10,000;
  • Repair major damage in each classroom for US$3,000;
  • Repair minor damage in each classroom for US$1,000.
  • We will also be replenishing many libraries where materials and or furniture has been damaged. The cost for each library is variable, depending on the damage, and Room to Read has committed to spending up to US$2,000 per library.

Earthquake in Nepal

The news of this past Saturdays earthquake in Nepal has been devastating. As search and rescue crews are still doing their jobs, Room to Read has released the following update: click here to view.

Nepal Site Visit Complete!

With our first Room to Read project complete Raven Supply sent Ashley Bouchard out to meet the Nepal team and preform the opening ceremony. Her and her sister travelled to Palpa with the local Room to Read team, up narrow winding mountain roads for 3 hours from the main town to see Shree Madan Asrit Lower Secondary School. Honoured with the local traditions, the school was more than they had imagined. Read more about Ashleys trip and their experience with the students & local community in Our Blog!

2015 Room to Read fundraising initiatives!

Raven Supply is proud to announce its 2015 Room to Read fundraising initiatives! For this year’s vendor project we will be funding to send 50 girls in India to school for 1 year through Room to Reads Girls Education Program, a total of $17,500. Through this program not only will the girls be allowed to go to school it will provide them with confidence & life skills, mentor programs, academic support & create community and family engagement. Please see 2015 Vendor Project PDF for more details!

For our 2015 customer project Raven Supply will be fundraising to complete a renovation of an existing library in Andhra Pradesh, India. The total renovation cost is $8,000 this includes providing materials such as books, puzzles, furniture, posters, puzzles & library management training. Please see 2015 Customer Project PDF for more details!

We decided to fundraise for India this year as that is where Bal, our office manager is from. Below is a little more about Bal, her background and why it is important to  her.

“This scholarship project is very near and dear to me. As some of you may know my ancestral background is that of Northern India. Being third generation Canadian immigrant I was very fortunate to receive my education here in Surrey BC including post-secondary education at Kwantlen University. In 2008 I had the opportunity to visit family in India; while I was there I also saw firsthand the effects of poverty and illiteracy on young girls. These girls as young as 7 or 8 were getting up early in the morning to help their mothers with the household chores, and then either going to work with their mothers or staying home to look after their siblings while her parents went to work. By the time they reach 18 or 19 they are married and the cycle repeats.

With this project not only will we help educate  50 daughters but also help them become a strong confident young women. Their families, communities and villages will benefit greatly from their knowledge and hopefully reduce or eliminate the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Knowledge is power and can make a huge change. I’m looking forward to my visit in 2016 to the school where the girls are benefiting from these scholarships.

Thank you for your support”

Nepal Construction Completion Report

Raven Supply is proud to share with you the completion report for the school funded by Raven and its Vendors in 2013. The school has gotten an new two-room classroom block. The new classrooms are adequately ventilated and well lit by natural light. The walls of the school building have been plastered and painted. Each classroom can accommodate 45 students very comfortably.

The community has received training on how to properly run the school with Financial management, Project management, basic and specialized construction techniques; water & sanitation. As well as building maintenance.

We hope you enjoy the report and we are looking forward to sharing with you even more details after Ashley and her sister take a trip to Nepal to see the school in March.

Raven would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this initiative. Read the Nepal Construction Completion Report