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Tong Louie Family YMCA

The Greater Vancouver YMCA provides services and programs for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn life skills and build connections in the community. The Tong Louie Family YMCA in Surrey had received $250,000 in community gaming grants, which were used for much needed upgrades to its aquatic centre. With this funding, the centre was able to invest in various upgrades including two new boilers to replace their mid-efficiency Raypak atmospheric boilers.


Tong Louie Family YMCA Aquatic Centre. Source: YMCA of Greater Vancouver
  • Client
    Tong Louie Family YMCA
  • Location
    Surrey, BC
  • Contractor
    Alpha Mechanical
  • Consultant
    AME Group
  • Equipment Supplied
    Two Fulton Endura+ 3000 ultra high efficiency condensing firetube natural gas boilers with duplex stainless steel heat exchangers and thermal stress reliever, with up to 15:1 turndown. Siemens LMV36 control with parallel positioning. Grunfos Magna3 pumps with BACnet communication. 100% factory assembled, wired, and test fired.

Working with the contractor Alpha Mechanical, Raven Supply installed two Fulton Endura+ 3000 ultra high efficiency boilers, alongside Grundfos Magna3 pumps with BACnet communication. These firetube condensing natural gas boilers feature high-pressure combustion technology with independent air and gas servo motors, offering a precise burner control with up to 99% efficiency and 15:1 turndown. And with closed-loop 02 compensation, the fuel to air ratio is continuously tuned and automatically adjusts for seasonality.


Bennett Lee, VP of Sales proudly supporting Fulton
Inside the Fulton Endura+ boiler
Inside the Fulton Endura+ boiler

They’re also designed to last, holding true to Fulton’s high standards for Rugged, Robust and Reliable equipment. The patent-pending stress relievers transfer stress directly onto the tube sheet and heat exchanger tubes, virtually eliminating all thermal stress and greatly extending the lifetime value of each boiler. Built with duplex stainless steel, the heat exchangers are durable, resistant to corrosion and offer superior thermal strain management.

Grundfos Magna 3 Boiler pump
Grundfos Magna 3 boiler pump

The boilers come with an advanced touchscreen control panel, allowing for rapid setting changes to maximize performance with zero downtime. With this single panel, the aquatic centre can simultaneously make adjustments to both boilers including controls for the motorized isolation valves, variable speed pumps and BACnet configurations.

The Fulton Endura+ boilers will not only provide the YMCA with lower operational costs such as fuel savings and decreased maintenance, but they were also eligible for the FortisBC Condensing Boiler Rebate Program. FortisBC provided the owner with a rebate of $27,000 per boiler.

The Community Gaming Grants were created to provide not-for-profits with the necessary funds to purchase equipment and carry out renovations essential to their operations. With the new upgrades including the two Fulton Endura+ boilers, the Tong Louie Family YMCA will be able to continue welcoming families to lead healthy and active lives and learn to swim at its aquatic centre for years to come.

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