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Russell Brewing Company

Russell Brewing was established in 1995 as one of British Columbia’s first independent craft breweries.

Headquartered in Surrey only a few minutes away from the Raven office, Russell has produced several award-winning beers over the decades and is known for continuously experimenting with new flavours and styles from around the globe.

Russell Brewing is celebrated as one of BC's original craft beer producers. Source: Pinterest
  • Client
    Russell Brewing Company
  • Location
    Surrey, BC
  • Contractor
    Chapman Burner & Heating Services Ltd.
  • Equipment Supplied
    Bryan EB Series 75 HP low pressure steam boiler with Weishaupt high efficiency burner, complete with Fulton feedwater and blowdown system.

As their sales volumes increased over the years, the operations crew at Russell began finding it difficult to keep up with the demand for their product. At the heart of the brewing process is the steam boiler, which provides heat for all of the brewing kettles. Like many emerging craft brewers in BC, Russell started out with a basic, inexpensive cast iron atmospheric boiler. Although the original boiler certainly helped to establish Russell as a well-respected brewery, reliability issues starting popping up over the years which eventually had General Manager Steve Schafer referring to himself as a “boiler babysitter”, where he often found his valuable time being spent with the boiler rather than focusing his attention on creating Canada’s next greatest IPA. When the downtime and repairs became too disruptive, Steve decided it was time to retire the old boiler and upgrade to a setup that could keep up with the growth of the company and pace of production.

Steve Schafer (left), General Manager of Russell Brewing, proudly packing some Blood Alley Bitter. Source: Vancouver Sun

Raven Supply and Chapman Burner, both avid fans of Russell beer, eagerly stepped in to help Steve transform his steam plant to the standard of a world-class craft brewery. The old, leaking cast iron boiler was replaced with a new industrial Bryan flex-tube with nearly double the capacity to serve both the existing kettles and their new plant expansion. The boiler was fitted with a Weishaupt linkage-less modulating burner which greatly increased their efficiency while delivering consistent, accurate steam pressure – an important factor in achieving repeatable quality in the beers that they produce.

New steam boiler and ancillary equipment serving both the existing brewery and new plant expansion.

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