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All venting products from Security Chimneys and Duravent are made to the same high-quality standards. The ease of installation of these products makes the assembly process effortless, reduces labour costs, and eliminates onsite installation delays. The chimney is supplied to site in rigid modular segments, each less than 3’ long. The short modular sections ensure that the vents can be installed in the tightest spaces, and transported through any job site.

Duravent has built its reputation on innovation, and consistently sets the professional standards for the industry. By choosing a Duravent product you will be choosing the premier company in the venting industry.

Secure Seal

Listed for category I, II, III, and IV, and for Type BH Gas Vent Systems, AL29-4C stainless steel venting has become an industry standard in reliability, durability, and corrosion resistance. Our AL29-4C vent lines are tested and listed to ULC-S636, and UL-1738, ensuring that projects comply with local and national building codes.

AL29-4C venting is the ideal product for gas-fired condensing appliances including high-efficiency boilers, furnaces, booster heaters, pool heaters, water heaters, unit heaters, and tankless water heaters. For increased versatility, a flexible venting option is available, with sections up to 125’ long.

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Polypro venting is the best choice for any project that specifies polypropylene, PVC, or CPVC venting. A category II & IV product, this polypropylene vent is tested and listed to ULC S636 in Canada. While competing products were developed for irrigation and later tested for venting applications, polypro is designed specifically for venting.

When it comes to plastic venting, polypro is the best product on the market. Compared to PVC and CPVC it is capable of higher sustained temperatures and is lighter and easier to install. Polypro requires no solvents or glues to secure the chimney, and all elbows contain an internal slope to prevent condensate buildups.

Polypro venting is most commonly installed as a single wall vent, but a concentric vent option is available, as is a double wall style. Such options are part of what makes polypro the most versatile venting option available in its product class.

Pressure Stack

Pressure Stack venting features a variety of insulated and air-cooled options, as well as a choice of inner flue and outer jacket material, ensuring that the perfect match for any project can be fabricated. Pressure stack venting is a factory built positive pressure chimney for boiler breaching, diesel engine generators, pressurized chimney stack (pressure-stack), and grease duct applications.

Flange to flange connections, combined with self-centering flue extensions simplify and accelerate the installation process.

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A-vent features an insulated double wall design with easy to install twist locking connections.

A-vent is well suited for many different fuel types, such as propane or wood burning appliances, and on unique heating units such as coffee roasters and brewing kettles.

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Did You Know?

Security’s Secure Stack grease duct has a clearance of zero inches to combustibles.
Security’s Secure Seal condensing venting systems incorporates a Viton O-ring between lengths instead of the standard silicone gasket found in most industry products.



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