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Niles always maintains a variety of stock tanks in inventory for quick shipping, but every tank is still custom fabricated. This means that there are virtually no limitations on the volume, dimensions, or pressure rating – the tank is built exactly to the customer’s specifications. Engineers commonly ask to have the tank ports located strategically to simplify their piping design. With Niles, virtually any custom requests can be accommodated without hefty cost premiums or extended lead times.


When it comes to domestic hot water, the storage tank must be capable of resisting the corrosive effects of elements such as oxygen and chlorine. That’s why all Niles storage tanks are lined with Ultonium, a special type of glass that is bonded to the steel in an oven at 1500 °F to form a durable protective coating. Optionally, this process can be performed twice for an extra-robust coating which also comes with a 10-year non-prorated warranty.

For special process applications and liquid storage temperatures above 180 °F, unlined stainless steel tanks are available in 304, passivated 316L, and duplex 2205 grades.

Thermal Buffer Tanks

Buffer tanks are used in hydronic heating and cooling systems whenever additional system volume is needed for equipment such as boilers or chillers to operate smoothly and efficiently without excessive cycling. With 4 or more ports, tanks can also double as a hydraulic separator (as shown).

Our buffer tanks are often customized to overcome mechanical room constraints while meeting design goals. Our capabilities are only limited by an engineer’s imagination!


Tanks are also available with immersion tube bundle heat exchangers which use boiler water or steam to generate domestic hot water within the tank. This is a convenient solution for existing boiler plants that have enough capacity to satisfy the DHW load.

Large Volume Electric Water Heaters

Niles is the first manufacturer to offer electric-powered water heaters in capacities up to 2500 gallons and 360 kilowatts. Low watt density incoloy elements are used for their superior resistance to the effects of high operating temperatures, scale buildup, corrosion, and thermal shock. Niles electric tanks are CUL listed and approved for use in Canada.

Did You Know?

Niles Steel Tank manufacturers hydraulic separators, with custom lengths and connections
Niles Steel Tank now manufactures a complete range of full acceptance ASME expansion tanks along with their comprehensive line of domestic water storage tanks and buffer tanks.
All Niles tanks are built to ASME standards and carry a BC CRN number.
Niles dhw storage tanks are available in 304, 316, 316L, 316L passivated and 2203 duples ss.  Any dimension or configuration.
Receive a ten year warranty with double glass lining from Niles on Domestic Hot Water storage tanks.



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