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Deaerators and Feedwater Systems

While water is the lifeblood of a steam boiler, it can also be damaging to the vessel if not properly treated and conditioned beforehand. Normal water contains corrosive dissolved gasses such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, and in most locales, it also contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which cause scaling. Softening systems remove minerals while chemicals are added to correct the pH, loosen scale, and scavenge leftover oxygen. It is key to remove all oxygen from the boiler feedwater to ensure that steel tubes other wetted components do not suffer premature failure due to corrosion.

The easiest way to remove oxygen from water is by elevating its temperature, which effectively lowers the oxygen’s solubility. For smaller systems or ultra-rugged boilers such as Fultons, it is generally considered adequate to do this by heating the feed water using a steam sparge tube inside a feedwater tank at atmospheric pressure. Though relatively inexpensive, this method can only reduce the oxygen content to 1000-2000 ppb (parts per billion).

For larger systems or for customers looking to maximize boiler repair/replacement intervals, a pressurized deaerator can be used to effectively reduce oxygen content down to 7 ppb. This can be achieved by conventional spray-type and tray-type designs, or Industrial Steam’s unique Jet Spray deaerator which provides excellent performance under all load conditions. The Jet Spray system is a 2-stage process that scrubs atomized water with steam in a pressurized vessel, effectively separating and discharging the unwanted oxygen and carbon dioxide. This process raises the feed water temperature up to 227 °F allowing it to vaporize more rapidly inside the boiler, which when combined with modulating feedwater and burner controls, also results in excellent load tracking and consistent steam pressure.

Blowdown Systems

Industrial Steam manufactures an array of boiler blowdown solutions including separators, tanks, and skid-mounted heat recovery systems for continuous blowdown applications.

Wet Steam Accumulators

A wet steam accumulator is a pressure vessel that stores energy in the form of superheated water, which can be instantly turned into steam and discharged into the distribution system when there is a sudden heavy demand, allowing more time for the boiler to catch up. It can be likened to a capacitor in an electrical circuit. Accumulators are a great solution in applications that require short bursts of steam in large quantities, such as foam manufacturing.

Fuel Oil Systems

Industrial Steam offers skid-mounted oil pump sets and day tanks for ring main distribution systems which can serve generator sets, boilers, and any other oil-fired equipment. For systems that exclusively use oil for emergency back-up where it may sit unused for extended periods of time, Industrial Steam offer engineered filtration systems which automatically filter and chemically treat the fuel to remove water, microbes, and suspended solids while are discharged into a containment tank. The natural degradation of fuel oil is often overlooked; it is important to ensure that stored fuel can be relied upon when it is needed to serve critical equipment in an emergency event.

Did You Know?

Blowdown separators with after coolers prevent high-temperature steam boiler water from entering city sanitation infrastructure.
Preheating makeup water to at least 190F reduces oxygen content to 200 PPB, reducing chemical requirements as well as reducing boiler corrosion.

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