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Cutaway showing the new VSRT steam boiler design with 100% wetted heat exchanger.

Fulton VSRT

In 2017, Fulton released the world’s first VSRT (Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless) steam boiler.

Fulton’s skilled engineers chose a clean-slate design approach and cutting-edge R&D technologies to create a revolutionary design that greatly improves upon the key values that Fulton is known for – reliability, durability, and compactness, while simultaneously setting new industry records in efficiency (86%), turndown control (up to 10:1), and steam quality (99%+). The VSRT is now the smallest fuel-fired steam boiler in the world, making it more versatile than ever before. Sizes currently range from 10 to 60 HP, with sizes up to 250 HP expected to become available in 2019.

Cutaway showing the new VSRT steam boiler design with 100% wetted heat exchanger.

Fulton VMP

For larger steam demands, Fulton offers the Vertical MultiPort (VMP) model, available from 40 to 150 HP.

Here in British Columbia, the best-selling size is 49.5 HP because any high pressure steam plant exceeding 10 square meters of heat exchange surface area requires continuous supervision by a provincially licensed Power Engineer. That often means an extra 3-4 full-time employees are needed for business operation, which is a significant overhead cost! The VMP-49.5 only has 9.01 m2 of heat exchange area, meaning this overhead cost can be avoided completely while offering enough steam capacity for the needs of most medium-sized process plants requiring industrial boilers.

Fulton VMP steam boiler, 40-150 HP, up to 84% efficiency
Fulton VMP steam boiler, 40-150 HP, up to 84% efficiency

By choosing Fulton, business owners can ultimately increase profits and expand their markets by reducing unnecessary operating costs. To top it off, owners benefit from the reliability, efficiency, and performance that the Fulton Brand is known for.

Raven Supply is recognized as BC’s expert in custom tailored steam solutions for healthcare, food processing, manufacturing, chemical processing, research laboratories, and institutions. Our in-house engineering combined with Fulton’s extensive factory support allows us to give customers the high level of technical service that is needed in unique industrial and institutional boiler projects. A prime example shown below is a packaged steam system that was custom built for the Centre for Brain Health at the University of British Columbia (UBC). See the CASE STUDY to learn more!

Fulton Heating

Fulton offers a complete range of high efficiency condensing hydronic (hot water) heating boilers intended for commercial, institutional, and industrial process applications.

All models are engineered and built to be rugged, reliable, and robust – key qualities found in all Fulton products that are often lacking in many other high-efficiency boilers today.

All Fulton Heating boilers feature a true “high mass” vessel with extremely robust heat exchanger materials such as LDX-2101 and 2205 duplex stainless steel alloys. These specialized alloys are used for their superior strength, thermal properties, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance which ultimately results in boilers that will outlast the competition. Fulton’s high mass design is so robust that they offer a lifetime warranty against thermal shock damage, with up to a 100 °F rise and no minimum flow requirement.

Cutaway showing the high mass design of the Fulton Endura.
Cutaway of the revolutionary new Endura+ boiler

Fulton Endura+

In 2017, Fulton released the Endura+ condensing boiler which was developed using the same clean-slate design philosophy that created the VSRT steam boiler. Once again, Fulton has set new standards in efficiency, compactness, durability, and control performance with the Endura+. The ground-breaking “stress free” heat exchanger is the first of its kind, virtually eliminating the two biggest causes of major failure in all condensing boilers: thermal stress and localized boiling. Combined with industrial-grade standard controls such as parallel positioning, VFD, and O2 compensation; the Endura+ is the most durable and advanced high-efficiency boiler on the market today.

Cutaway of the revolutionary new Endura+ boiler

Fulton Vantage

For applications that require a secondary fuel source such as post-disaster buildings, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, the Fulton Vantage is available with dual fuel burners which can use natural gas, propane, or #2 oil (diesel) in any combination. Using state-of-the-art digital combustion controls, independent fuel profiles are optimized by Raven’s factory certified combustion technicians, so that switching between fuels is literally as simple as the flip of a switch. This ensures that your facility maintains the highest achievable level of reliability at all times – especially when you need it most.

Fulton Vantage industrial hot water boiler shown here with dual fuel (NG/oil) burner.
Fulton Vantage industrial hot water boiler shown here with dual fuel (NG/oil) burner.

Fulton Thermal

There are a number of factors involved when choosing the ideal heat transfer medium. In most cases, it is water, a glycol mixture, or steam.

But what if you require temperatures that are higher than what can be practically achieved with steam? What if the plant might see sub-zero temperatures during shutdowns? What if the process requires high temperatures, but Power Engineers aren’t available to supervise and maintain a steam boiler? The solution is thermal fluid, otherwise known as HMO (hot mineral oil).

Fulton is well known for their innovations in hot water and steam boiler technologies, but many are unaware that Fulton Thermal is one of North America’s oldest and largest manufacturers of thermal fluid heaters and engineered systems. They serve industries ranging from chemical manufacturing to wood processing, mining and industrial laundries. One of the largest food processors in the world uses Fulton thermal systems exclusively.

A typical Fulton thermal skid consisting of a FT-C vertical heater, deaerator expansion tank, and duplex circulating pumps.

Fulton Thermal Systems

Raven Supply is pleased to offer Fulton thermal systems to our industrial customers.

One of the greatest benefits of this type of system is that it does not require Power Engineering supervision for any capacity in most jurisdictions including British Columbia, meaning that incredible amounts of operating costs can be spared by choosing thermal fluid over steam. In many cases, thermal fluid is a viable alternative or complementary to steam by using thermal fluid to power an unfired steam generator. Give us a call to learn more!

Did You Know?

Fulton offers a 49.5HP steam boiler that does not require a Power Engineer and is eligible for $9,000 in rebates with Fortis BC
Fulton has more than 30 patents pending worldwide for their Pure Technology. See pure technology at work in the new VSRT steam boiler and Endura+ hydronic boiler.
The first Fulton vertical tubeless steam boiler was manufactured in 1949.
Modulating steam boiler level controls help prevent oscillating water levels.
Blowdown separators with after coolers prevent high-temperature steam boiler water from entering city sanitation infrastructure.



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