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De Dietrich GT boilers

De Dietrich uses “eutectic” cast iron which is 30% more flexible than the iron used in most competing boilers. As a result, GT boilers are extremely durable and can tolerate a wide temperature range with virtually no risk of thermal shock.

They are also one of the only cast iron boilers that qualify for the FortisBC Efficient Boiler Rebate Program. Compatible with multiple fuels including #2 oil, they are suitable for applications that demand a robust, dependable, and low-maintenance heating plant such as healthcare facilities, shopping centres, institutions, and universities.

Did You Know?

For maximum turndown, choose a burner with linkage-less controls such as a Weishaupt WG40.
DeDetrich offers the largest cast iron sectional boiler in North America, 8,000,000 BTU/hr input.
DeDetrich cast iron boilers are shock proof and can operate with return temperatures as low as 60F.



To learn more about why you should consider De Dietrich Boilers for your next project, get in touch with one of our sales engineers.