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November 28, 2017

Adopt a School and Give Back

Raven Supply has been a part of the Vancouver Sun “Adopt a School” program since 2014. Supporting Frank hurt, an inner city school where many of the students benefit from the program. We saw a need in our community and decided we needed to give back.

Whether it’s a bus pass, covering fee’s for sports teams or purchasing steel toed boots for carpentry class, or covering graduation fee’s the Raven Funds are there to help. The staff at Frank Hurt decide where the funds go throughout the year. As the years go on, students are becoming more familiar with the program and are starting to ask for help when they need it.

Raven Supply actively hires estimators from the UBC Engineering Co-op program. This year Alex Lim joined the team. Before UBC he was a student at Frank Hurt. He excelled even in the inner city environment, and was proud to know that Raven supports the school where his sister still attends. Rebecca, Alex’s sister helps run the Frank Hurt STEM Club. The STEM club is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math club.

Raven Supply hopes these funds given to Frank Hurt on an Annual Basis will provide opportunities for many more students to excel, to give them confidence and see them move on to University.

The Vancouver Sun published an article right in time for Giving Tuesday, featuring the Adopt a School Program. Read the article here. 

The Raven Team encourages more companies to give back to their local communities. We have had the pleasure of receiving annual reports from Frank Hurt, and personal letters from students who have benefited from the program. It is always amazing to see how far the funds can go. Sometimes a little help is all that is keeping youth from succeeding.

Raven Supply Give's Back

Frank Hurt Students, Teachers and the Raven Team.

See a full list of organizations Raven Supply supports.





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November 20, 2017

Secure Stack Pro at Emily Carr University

Check out the latest case study from Security Chimneys on the Secure Stack Pro installation at Emily Carr University. The Raven team worked with Northwest Sheet Metal, Pitt Meadows Plumbing and Rocky Point Engineering. Completing the three 61-foot columns on the exterior of the University servicing three Blaauw gas-fired Kilns.

Running into changes through out the project, all teams worked together to ensure we ended up with this beautiful end product. Bennett worked with Northwest Sheet Metal to find solutions to issues like how to support the venting along with lead times on extra pieces.

The Material

These Kilns need a specialty product for their high temperatures. Which is where Security Chimneys comes in with their factory fabricated grease duct. This project called for 304SS shells and fiber insulation. The venting is offered in many different materials depending on the application.

If you are looking for a vent material that can withstand temperatures of up to 1400°F and that is easy to install, there is no better option than Secure Stack Pro. Noel Robin at Northwest Sheet Metal says it reduced the man power needed from upwards of 3 men into a one man job. Not easy, especially with these heights.

Our Difference

Raven Supply specializes in complex venting systems offering many services that make us stand out from other suppliers. Including ordering extra pieces for difficult installations, site visits, detailed installation diagrams and having a knowledgeable team to help you size, select and design the best engineered venting system for your application.

Emily Carr Case Study


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October 23, 2017

Fulton Service Training

In August, Nic Sun visited The Fulton Companies headquarters in Pulaski, New York to complete a 4-day service course focusing on the Vantage condensing boiler line. Although the program is normally restricted to gas-fitting technicians, Nic’s background in engineering kept him fully engaged. He gives kudos to the course instructors for giving such thorough presentations and encouraging him to get his hands dirty in the test lab.

His favorite part was the detailed tutorial on the Siemens LMV36 combustion control system, which is also used on Weishaupt burners. He got to tinker with the simulation module, learning how to operate, configure, and troubleshoot issues correctly. For his final exam, he went through a complete Vantage start-up procedure. “Nothing beats hands-on experience, whether you’re in sales, engineering, technical support, or all of the above. I have always enjoyed playing with fire!” Nic says with a wink and a smile.

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September 18, 2017

Linna Heads to Fulton

Last month, Linna attended Fulton’s Sales Training in Pulaski, New York. This training covered Fulton’s hot water boilers, steam boilers, and thermal fluid boilers over the course of three days. Linna had very high expectations going into training, and Fulton did not disappoint!

Along with building boilers Rugged, Robust, and Reliable, it will not be long until the Fulton name becomes synonymous with innovation. Even after producing boilers that are known for their quality, they continue to find ways to make their boilers even more Rugged, Robust, and Reliable. During her training, Linna had the opportunity to see Fulton’s new Endura+ (Condensing Hydronic Boiler) and VSRT (Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler). Together, these products have no less than 50 patents pending worldwide!

Although seeing the construction of the boilers was a very interesting part of the training, Linna was most impressed with the team they have at Fulton. Every individual she met shared two common attributes: They were eager to learn, and always ready to share their knowledge. With a team that values continuous growth and has the ability to effectively pass on their wealth of knowledge, it is no wonder Fulton is able to attract and retain bright individuals capable of keeping Fulton the most innovative company in the boiler industry.

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August 11, 2017

Bennett’s Trip to Bradford White

This past June, Raven was excited to have one its team members, Bennett Lee, attend the Bradford-White Corporate (BWC) Convention as part of the Niles Steel Tank delegation.

In addition to excellent training seminars, BWC pulled out all the stops to welcome over 2000 attendees to historic Philadelphia, site of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence & United States Constitution. The event both honored the company’s past 25 years and renewed its commitment to future success alongside its partner rep firms.

President Bush was the honored guest at the Convention, speaking about life before and after presidency. As well as his most current initiative, to help Veterans. Bennett received this great book “Portraits of Courage” by George W. Bush, filled with inspiring stories from Veterans and a collection of oil paintings.

From Niles, Raven was excited to hear of the following developments;

Besides the festivities and fun of the convention, Bennett was excited to visit historic sites in and around downtown Philadelphia and hopes again to attend the next BWC Convention!


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June 20, 2017

Todd Ross – Fine Art Show

Todd Ross of West Bay Mechanical in Naniamo held a Fine Art Photography Show in the North Town Center Shopping Mall this year. Todd’s display of nature photographs was truly amazing. Ashley Bouchard attended the show, admiring all Todd’s photographs and seeing that his talents go far beyond Estimating.

Todd shares his passion for wildlife through his enjoyment of photography with shots of seascapes, landscapes and wildlife. Photographing Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

Please take a moment to appreciate Todd’s work at www.imagesbytoddross.com

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May 05, 2017

Sun Run 2017

Bennett and Linna participated in the 33rd annual Sun Run in Vancouver. Since 1985, the Sun Run has become Canada’s largest 10K road race. Originally the race’s purpose was to promote fitness, gathering 3,200 runners.

This years Sun Run gathered nearly 40,000 runners and the funds raised go to 6 local charities including: BC Childrens Hospital, BC SPCA, Heart & Stroke Foundation, BC Cancer Foundation, WE Chairty, Ronald McDonald House British Columbia & Yukon.

The run begins in Vancouver’s downtown core at Burrard Street and Georgia Street. Participants will enjoy the downhill start as they make their way towards the world famous Stanley Park, continuing along English Bay to Hornby Street, then onto Pacific Avenue, across the Burrard Street bridge exiting onto 2nd Avenue. Winding along Fir Street to join 4th Avenue the route continues east on 6th Avenue to the Cambie Street Bridge for the final stretch across the bridge to the finish line.

Bennett was at the top of our office times with 52min and 6 seconds, Linna was right behind him with 54 minutes and 3 seconds..

Congratulations to Bennett and Linna!

Raven is proud to support our Team members in living healthy and happy lifestyles!

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April 21, 2017

Bennett travelled to Cambodia to see the recipients of $20,000 in scholarships

In January Bennett travelled to Cambodia to experience the effect Room to Read has on students first hand. In 2016 Raven Supply and their partners raised $20,000.00 for 50 girls scholarships for girls in grade 9-12.

In the province of Kampong Thom, about a 2.5hr bus ride from Phnom Penh to the south, Bennett arrived at the school. He was welcomed by all 700 students and teachers lined up along the dirt road that leads into their school grounds. Overwhelmed by the excitement, Bennett was officially thanked by the School principal. He recalls the pure excitement of the students and the music coming over the loud speakers.

While at the school, Bennett joined in a few student-led study-clubs where the student who is doing the best in the subject leads the class. The study clubs not only help out struggling students but are helping develop leadership skills. “She will present a problem and then lead the class in solving it. There’s an emphasis on participation as she will ask students to volunteer and then they’ll go up to the class and try solving the problem.” The program has been working so well, the government is now doing its part to incorporate it in all schools.

In the afternoon, Bennett got a chance to sit down with some of the local students and their mothers. “All the parents were extremely proud of their daughters and elated that they’re given a chance to further themselves. They didn’t get this opportunity themselves when they were younger and were not encouraged to go to school. The biggest change they’ve seen since Room to Read started the program is that their daughters are so much more confident now in the things they do and that they’ll try to problem solve any obstacles that they encounter. The girls have big aspirations, wanting to become teachers, doctors, nurses, policewomen and even a tour guides so they can travel and even see snow one day!”

Bennett was surprised how a relatively small contribution from Raven has such a great impact. With our help, a few dozen families have been given a good chance to further their kid’s futures. He joined in a Goal Setting class where he could see their passion for bettering their lives, having careers and set a higher standard for girls in their community.

Onward he went to a guided group tour of the rest of the country. He was on an 11-day tour that brought him to several other towns and areas in Cambodia. Tourism is a large driver of the economy. In the end, he saw hope that Cambodia was moving forward. Solidifying the fact that, World Change Starts with educated children.

March 31, 2017

Peach Arch News Feature

Raven Supply has been featured in the Peace Arch Newspaper for our fundraising efforts. Our fundraising technique, now branded with Room to Read as “The Raven Technique”, has brought us up to over $124,000 contributed since 2013.