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Raven Continues Supporting Local Schools During COVID-19

Since 2015, Raven Supply has been supporting two local schools in Surrey, helping vulnerable elementary and secondary school students in need to succeed in their academic and personal lives.

At the Bridgeview Elementary School, Raven’s contribution to the after-school BLAST program is allowing more students to explore art, science and sport-related activities in a safe space. The program is reaching students who normally cannot access extracurricular activities, alongside students in need of academic support and those who need encouragement in building positive relationships. Throughout the year, the engaging program, which also provides snacks and invites community partners in to teach on various topics, has been boosting the self-esteem and school engagement of participating students.

Raven’s contribution to the Emergency Fund at Frank Hurt Secondary School has continued throughout the pandemic, ensuring that all students have the support that they need to succeed in school and move towards graduation. The funds are being used to buy textbooks and school supplies, provide skills and career training and pay for graduation commencement fees. Gift cards and transit passes are also purchased for students and families in need.

In addition to the regular support that Raven provides to both schools, we also contributed an additional $5000 during COVID-19 school closures to ensure that lunch programs continued for students who relied on them.

Raven is committed to giving back to the community, including donating a portion of our profits to enhance the school experience of students at these two schools. We are pleased to learn that through these school programs, children and youth in need are receiving the tools required to excel academically and continue onto paths of success.

Secure Stack Pro at Emily Carr University

Check out the latest case study from Security Chimneys on the Secure Stack Pro installation at Emily Carr University. The Raven team worked with Northwest Sheet Metal, Pitt Meadows Plumbing, and Rocky Point Engineering. Completing the three 61-foot columns on the exterior of the University servicing three Blaauw gas-fired Kilns.

Running into changes throughout the project, all teams worked together to ensure we ended up with this beautiful end product. Bennett worked with Northwest Sheet Metal to find solutions to issues like how to support the venting along with lead times on extra pieces.

The Material

These Kilns need a speciality product for their high temperatures. Which is where Security Chimneys comes in with their factory fabricated grease duct. This project called for 304SS shells and fiber insulation. The venting is offered in many different materials depending on the application.

If you are looking for a vent material that can withstand temperatures of up to 1400°F and that is easy to install, there is no better option than Secure Stack Pro. Noel Robin at Northwest Sheet Metal says it reduced the manpower needed from upwards of 3 men into a one-man job. Not easy, especially with these heights.

Our Difference

Raven Supply specializes in complex venting systems offering many services that make us stand out from other suppliers. Including ordering extra pieces for difficult installations, site visits, detailed installation diagrams and having a knowledgeable team to help you size, select and design the best-engineered venting system for your application.

Emily Carr Case Study



The 2015 revision of CSA-B149 now permits common venting (aka “ CASCADE ”) with select condensing gas appliances.
Even so, there are important requirements that must be satisfied before an installation can proceed.

Potential pitfalls can occur if approved appliances are not paired up with an engineered vent system. Any short-cuts taken could result in non-compliant installations, impaired appliance performance, and compromised safety for building occupants. Let the experts at Raven assist with your design needs.

Vent sizing, pressure-drop, back-flow prevention, and condensation management are all serious considerations that must be factored into vent system design. Cascade venting systems should not be cobbled together using standard vent pipe or off-the-shelf fittings. Only specialized header components that have been specifically engineered for this purpose should be utilized.

If you are looking for assistance with commercial venting on a project in British Columbia or within the Yukon region, we can help. Our team at Raven Supply have specialized knowledge & experience in this area. Aside from determining suitability, we can provide design assistance, and deliver complete cascade venting packages for any commercial project – big or small.


Security Chimneys Awards Raven Supply

Sales managers from Security Chimneys Don McInroy and Dalton Hooker came to Raven Supply to present the team with an award for Outstanding Canadian Performance in venting sales.

Thank you to all of our customers who have made this possible by partnering with the Raven Team & Security. We are proud to supply their complete line of quality products. Raven offers installation diagrams as well as sizing and design assistance.

Northern Adventure

This past week, Brian and Ashley headed up North to Whitehorse to visit our customers before the snow started falling, with lows of -3, it sometimes felt as if it was snowing! From the beginning of the trip, they were greeted with some great small town hospitality, welcomed by each contractor they were able to visit. They also had the opportunity to visit some old job sites, see the 3rd photo for the Bryan Steam boiler building in the new Whistlebend complex, a project we supplied a Bryan Steam boiler and A-Vent to (note the truck stuck in the mud in the corner of the photo).

With a city of only 20,000 people they were amazed to see the size of the Canada Games Centre located just outside of downtown, an amazing facility with an indoor pool, multiple skating rinks, an indoor soccer field, indoor basketball court, gym, fitness studio & a running track overlooking it all on the 3rd floor. See the view from the Centre in the 4th photo! Ashley couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out this facility and spent the evening here.

Lucky enough to soak in some of the beauty Whitehorse had to offer, they experienced some of the longest most beautiful sunsets. Whitehorse is also known as “The Land of the Midnight Sun” however at this time of year the sun is setting around 9:30 PM. Another sight to see is Miles Canyon, during the gold rush there was a railroad track along the canyon, parts of it can still be seen today! This is one of the larger attractions in Whitehorse, and very popular with hikers and mountain bikers!

Hope you enjoyed an inside look at Raven’s trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun!

Benefits of Polypropylene

In the 2009 Edition of Plumbing & HVAC Product News Roy Collver makes the following statement in his article Fantastic Plastic.

“In researching the venting issue I asked a number of engineering types what their material of choice would be for venting gas appliances. To a person, they all had the same answer – POLYPROPYLENE!”

Roy had worked for many decades in all facets of the industry and is a frequent magazine contributor.

He had another article published in the March 2011 issue that also focused on PP venting entitles, “Ready for Prime Time”.

Download “Plumbing & HVAC” Product News

Polypropylene – Did You Know?

Recycle chart - post 2Polypropylene is Recyclable! PP is categorized as “Level 5” within the plastics recycle symbols standard. Where accepted, this plastic can be dropped into blue boxes and processed for re-use.

According to the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), Canadians recycled almost 600 million pounds of plastic in 2011.

Over time, scale build-up in boilers and water heaters can cause heat exchangers to lose transfer efficiency. Plugged air filters can cause short-cycling in furnaces leading to over-heating. Problems like these can cause flue gas temperatures to climb beyond the capabilities of the venting material! These facts should be considered carefully when selecting a venting system.

There is more to installing PVC and CPVC pipe than cutting & gluing the pieces together. There is a long list of steps that should be followed while installing solvent welded pipe.

Common pitfalls that lead to problems with solvent welded pipe?

Temp Chart - Post 2

  • Failure to properly cut, debur, chamfer, and clean pipe according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Not using primer, or using the wrong primer/cement
  • Using primer/cement that is too hot or too cold
  • Using primer/cement on pipe that is too hot or too cold
  • Application of too much or too little primer/cement
  • Failure to hold pieces together until they have set
  • Failing to follow directions as to curing time (24-48HR)
  • Failure to follow pipe support instructions

UV Protection Is Required
Like all plastics, polypropylene can be damaged if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods. To prevent degradation, installers should always use Black UV treated PP pipe when terminating.