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Adopt a School and Give Back

Frank Hurt Students, Teachers and the Raven Team.
Raven Supply has been a part of the Vancouver Sun “Adopt a School” program since 2014. Supporting Frank hurt, an inner city school where many of the students benefit from the program. We saw a need in our community and decided we needed to give back.

Whether it’s a bus pass, covering fee’s for sports teams or purchasing steel toed boots for carpentry class, or covering graduation fee’s the Raven Funds are there to help. The staff at Frank Hurt decide where the funds go throughout the year. As the years go on, students are becoming more familiar with the program and are starting to ask for help when they need it.

Raven Supply actively hires estimators from the UBC Engineering Co-op program. This year Alex Lim joined the team. Before UBC he was a student at Frank Hurt. He excelled even in the inner city environment, and was proud to know that Raven supports the school where his sister still attends. Rebecca, Alex’s sister helps run the Frank Hurt STEM Club. The STEM club is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math club.

Raven Supply hopes these funds given to Frank Hurt on an Annual Basis will provide opportunities for many more students to excel, to give them confidence and see them move on to University.

The Vancouver Sun published an article right in time for Giving Tuesday, featuring the Adopt a School Program. Read the article here. 

The Raven Team encourages more companies to give back to their local communities. We have had the pleasure of receiving annual reports from Frank Hurt, and personal letters from students who have benefited from the program. It is always amazing to see how far the funds can go. Sometimes a little help is all that is keeping youth from succeeding.

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Community Support

Raven Supply has been contributing to the community since they opened their doors. 3 years ago Brian found an opportunity with the Vancouver Sun to contribute to programs in local schools. We have partnered with a local Elementary School, Bridgeview Elementary providing after school classes for students. Here they get to make new friends, take part in both Art and Cooking classes. The students and teachers all are very grateful for the program, and with 3 years under their belt everyone is starting to notice what a difference this is making on these students.

Raven also provides emergency funds to a local high school, Frank Hurt Secondary. This inner city school was so grateful for the contribution & even more thrilled that it has continued to come for 3 years now. The funds given to Frank Hurt go towards necessities for the students, bus passes, laundry, access to extracurricular activities where they excel but would not have had access to otherwise.

Please click here to view the report for September 2016 to December 2016.

Raven Supply Supports Local Surrey School

Raven Supply supports a nearby Surrey School Frank Hurt Secondary School through the Vancouver Sun Fund Society.

For the past 2 years, we contribute $5,000 which is distributed throughout the school year to vulnerable students.

The funds are used to keep children attending school by providing bus passes, supplies and giving them the opportunity to participate in programs, sports and attend graduation.

Below is a break down of what the school has used the $5,000 for this year. We are proud to be able to continue to support Frank Hurt.