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Nic Sun’s Big News

Our very own VP of Engineering Nic Sun recently went through a bit of a name change, or rather a name upgrade.

On August 21st, Nic became officially recognized as a Professional Engineer in the Province of BC. That distinction comes with a new designation abbreviated as P. Eng Nic can proudly add when writing out his full formal name.

Nic is still the same adrenaline-loving aspiring race car driver we know and love. But now, in addition to his Bachelors’s Degree in Integrated Engineer from the University of BC, Nic has another certification to prove that doing consistently good work can take you a long way.

“It was a long process,” Nic says. “But it feels great to have it under my belt now, and I think it will help bring new opportunities to me and my team moving forward.”

Nic’s process to become a P. Eng began even before his graduation from UBC. As an undergraduate, he made the decision to participate in the university’s co-op program, which as it happens, is how he first met the Raven Supply team.

After graduation, Nic registered as a Mechanical Engineer in Training (EIT) and began working as a designer at a Vancouver consulting firm. But soon, he was back at Raven Supply, taking on his first of several roles with our company as a Sales Engineer.

“Nowadays, it seems like an increasing number of projects are requiring us to have more significant involvement and responsibility in the design, installation, and commissioning processes,” Nic comments. “It’s almost like the lines between the consultant, contractor, and equipment supplier are beginning to blur.”

During the past 4 years, Nic has proven his engineering skills and insights by taking responsibility for larger and more complex projects and helping Raven grow across sectors. He eventually assumed the role of VP of Engineering, all while he was completing the steps to obtain his Professional Engineer license.

“I wrote the exam. I completed the seminar. And I provided 34 written examples of my work to prove my competency, each of which had to be validated by another P. Eng,” explains Nic. “After that, everything was accessed by EGBC’s registered committee, and they granted me my license.”

“As Engineers, we’re experiencing more direct involvement with entities like Technical Safety BC and Fortis BC,” Nic continues. “Therefore, it is important that we are not only technically competent but also knowledgeable in the legal and ethical aspects of how we are involved in these projects. These are all things that are learned in the process of becoming a Professional Engineer, so I think there is significant value in attaining this designation as a specialized equipment supplier.”

To find out more about the Professional Engineer in the Province of BC program, swing by the Raven Supply office anytime to congratulate Nic in person.