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Young Engineering

Young Engineering joined the Raven product line only a few short months ago!

Young Engineering, founded in 1987, is a privately owned company with headquarters and manufacturing operations out of San Dimas, California. Their mission is to make the transmission of fluids safer for business communities and people around the world.

Young Engineering specializes in making hydropneumatic bladder tanks for liquid surge suppression. This type of tank can be used in virtually any hydraulic system that may be subject to rapid pressure changes, also known as “pressure transients”. This can be caused by events such as rapid valve closures, pumps starting/stopping, or power failure. Without some form of surge suppression, these events have the potential to damage the pipeline, corresponding equipment, and the surrounding environment.

Young Engineering custom designs and fabricates all their bladder surge tanks using their wealth of engineering expertise combined with ASME pressure vessel design standards. They can build tanks to suit virtually any application requirement for fluid transmission. A few examples include mining operations, oil & gas transmission, pump stations, water/wastewater treatment, and fire suppression systems. Hydraulic transient analysis calculations can also be provided to verify that the tank design meets your system’s surge suppression requirements. Their standard sizes ranges from 40 to 10,000 gallons, with design pressures of 275 to 500 psi.

If you would like to know more about all the great products Young Engineering has to offer, give us a call or find their product details on our website!