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Fulton Systems Training

View of Lake Ontario from Rainbow Shores Restaurant

Linna and Merinda were amongst the first Fulton reps to attend the first Systems Training course offered at Fulton’s Pulaski Facility.

They spent some time looking into improperly designed systems, what can go wrong and what would have prevented the problem. This was a great take away for Raven, our team of engineers spent a lot of time providing design assistance for design-build projects and helping to troubleshoot issues.

For Merinda, this was her first Fulton visit. While she has received product training here at Raven, she enjoyed getting to learn about the system as a whole.

The Fulton team arranged a delicious dinner at the Rainbow Shores Restaurant, with a beautiful view of Lake Ontario. Luckily the weather held up for their evening out, during the trip, the weather was sporadic with storms one second and beautiful sunny skies the next.

The hospitality offered by the Fulton team is always second to none; both Ladies had a great time getting to know the Team. On the last day of training, Merinda was lucky enough to drop by Fulton’s new facility in Syracuse while Linna set flight for a trip home to Edmonton.