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Fulton Annual Sales Meeting

Earlier this month the Raven Team went down to Vegas for Fulton’s Sales Meeting at the Red Rock Resort. Bennett, Nic, Linna and Ashley thoroughly enjoyed the 4 day meeting, where we learned about the engineering and process changes the company has made, new and innovative product offerings and how we are going to grow with Fulton in the coming year.

It wasn’t all business on the trip, the team got to get out and see parts of Vegas they had never seen before. Bennett and Linna took a tour of the Hoover Dam which was a very cool experience, the guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. They enjoyed the view from above and down into the turbine room.

Nic and Ashley took a trip out to the Red Rock Canyon where they hiked a couple of miles up to the beautiful rock face of the Canyon. While hiking is a favorite activity for both Nic and Ashley, they enjoyed the difference in scenery and would love to go back and check out more of the Canyon. Although Ashley may not join the locals in free climbing the rock.

Fulton Did an excellent job bringing everyone together and making it a great experience for every rep who attended.