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Stongs Market has opened its newest location in North Vancouver off the Dollarton Hwy. The store is beautifully set up, featuring many specialty grocery products in their Land & Sea Section, Bakery and more. Raven supplied specialty venting for both their Pizza Oven and Double Rack oven in the Bakery Section of the store. The Pizza oven used Security Chimneys Grease Duct Venting CIX 304SS inner liner with 2″ fiber insulation and aluminum outer casing. The Double Rack Oven used Security Chimneys A-Vent Product with 1″ insulation.

Benefits of using Security’s Factory Built Grease Duct? It eliminates the requirement for a fire-rated enclosure around the duct. Which is very time consuming and expensive! On top of that, it is aesthetically pleasing and can be left open as a design element. It also eliminates the need for costly on-site welding and inspections. Above all else is safety, rectangular ducts will pool kitchen grease in its corners and poor welds can leak grease into the insulation around. In the event of a fire, this would be very dangerous, the grease allowing fire to travel to surrounding combustible materials.

Ask Raven for assistance designing your next grease duct system.