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The 2015 revision of CSA-B149 now permits common venting (aka “ CASCADE ”) with select condensing gas appliances.
Even so, there are important requirements that must be satisfied before an installation can proceed.

Potential pitfalls can occur if approved appliances are not paired up with an engineered vent system. Any short-cuts taken could result in non-compliant installations, impaired appliance performance, and compromised safety for building occupants. Let the experts at Raven assist with your design needs.

Vent sizing, pressure-drop, back-flow prevention, and condensation management are all serious considerations that must be factored into vent system design. Cascade venting systems should not be cobbled together using standard vent pipe or off-the-shelf fittings. Only specialized header components that have been specifically engineered for this purpose should be utilized.

If you are looking for assistance with commercial venting on a project in British Columbia or within the Yukon region, we can help. Our team at Raven Supply have specialized knowledge & experience in this area. Aside from determining suitability, we can provide design assistance, and deliver complete cascade venting packages for any commercial project – big or small.