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Community Support

Raven Supply has been contributing to the community since they opened their doors. 3 years ago Brian found an opportunity with the Vancouver Sun to contribute to programs in local schools. We have partnered with a local Elementary School, Bridgeview Elementary providing after school classes for students. Here they get to make new friends, take part in both Art and Cooking classes. The students and teachers all are very grateful for the program, and with 3 years under their belt everyone is starting to notice what a difference this is making on these students.

Raven also provides emergency funds to a local high school, Frank Hurt Secondary. This inner city school was so grateful for the contribution & even more thrilled that it has continued to come for 3 years now. The funds given to Frank Hurt go towards necessities for the students, bus passes, laundry, access to extracurricular activities where they excel but would not have had access to otherwise.

Please click here to view the report for September 2016 to December 2016.


The 2015 revision of CSA-B149 now permits common venting (aka “ CASCADE ”) with select condensing gas appliances.
Even so, there are important requirements that must be satisfied before an installation can proceed.

Potential pitfalls can occur if approved appliances are not paired up with an engineered vent system. Any short-cuts taken could result in non-compliant installations, impaired appliance performance, and compromised safety for building occupants. Let the experts at Raven assist with your design needs.

Vent sizing, pressure-drop, back-flow prevention, and condensation management are all serious considerations that must be factored into vent system design. Cascade venting systems should not be cobbled together using standard vent pipe or off-the-shelf fittings. Only specialized header components that have been specifically engineered for this purpose should be utilized.

If you are looking for assistance with commercial venting on a project in British Columbia or within the Yukon region, we can help. Our team at Raven Supply have specialized knowledge & experience in this area. Aside from determining suitability, we can provide design assistance, and deliver complete cascade venting packages for any commercial project – big or small.


The 9 Year old Girl who Started her own Library.

Room To Read recently tracked down Muskaan Ahirwar, a third-standard student who started her own library called “Bal Pustakalaya” meaning Children’s Library in a small slum in Bhopal, India.

This motivated young woman opens up Bal Pastakalaya every day after school where she has dozens of children come by from a nearby low-income neighborhood and listen to her read.

This is yet another moving story on how education can change the lives of many children in the developing parts of the world. Also showing the importance of Room to Reads’ “Girls Education Program”. Muskaan is pictured with a smile on her face, very proud of her accomplishments.

This Library is located nearby Ravens 2015 project of providing 50 girls with a 1-year scholarship as well as a library.

Check out the whole article from Buzz Feed here.

Hops Company Gets Government Help

Raven recently supplied a Weishaupt WM-G 20 fully modulating linkage-less burner to BC Hop Company in Abbotsford which received $285,000 in funding from the federal and B.C.governments. The funding was provided through Growing Forward 2, a five-year $3-billion federal-provincial program to grow Canada’s agriculture sector.

The Weishaupt Burner from Germany will be installed on technology from Europe that will kiln dry the hops. Please see article from Business Vancouver Web Article.

Photos of the Hops Equipment taken by Raven Supplies Kimberley Waller who volunteered at this years BeerBQ Competition


Why Raven Supply Supports Room to Reads Girls Education Program

For the last 2 years, Ravens Room to Read projects have been centered around Girls Education in both India and Cambodia. There are many factors that go into deciding which one of Room to Reads exceptional programs we contribute to. Here are a few of the reasons we chose the Girls Education Program.

If you educate a woman, you educate her family. When you were first read to, it was most likely by a parent or a family member. You are familiarized with letters, shapes and colors. The first day of school the alphabet on the wall looks familiar, the pictures on the walls are familiar. You learned all of this before the first day of school.

For a lot of the students in the developing parts of the world, this is not the case. They are starting from the beginning, walking into a strange new place. If they are able to attend a Room to Read school they still see the alphabet, the pictures, but have no idea what they are. Room to Read is trying to change that, as each year passes another group of girls complete secondary school they work hard to earn more opportunity for themselves and their family. And it gives them the opportunity to give their siblings and future children the head start they were not given.

Not only does Room to Read fund their schooling, they receive school supplies, transportation if necessary & community support. Community Support is a crucial part of this process. They ensure that the girls are being allowed to attend school. They work with the school and parents to give these girls the rights that we take for granted.

Please click here for one girl’s story & her new confidence found through the Girls Education Program.

Power Flame’s Future – The Legacy Continues

After 42 years as owners of Power Flame William & Louisa have sold Power Flame to Astec Industries.

As this was a very difficult decision, they were selective in who they would sell to. It was very important to them to keep all the jobs they have been able to provide in Parsons, Kansas for years to come.

Please click here to see the announcement from William and Lousia.

Raven Supply Supports Local Surrey School

Raven Supply supports a nearby Surrey School Frank Hurt Secondary School through the Vancouver Sun Fund Society.

For the past 2 years, we contribute $5,000 which is distributed throughout the school year to vulnerable students.

The funds are used to keep children attending school by providing bus passes, supplies and giving them the opportunity to participate in programs, sports and attend graduation.

Below is a break down of what the school has used the $5,000 for this year. We are proud to be able to continue to support Frank Hurt.



Stongs Market has opened its newest location in North Vancouver off the Dollarton Hwy. The store is beautifully set up, featuring many specialty grocery products in their Land & Sea Section, Bakery and more. Raven supplied specialty venting for both their Pizza Oven and Double Rack oven in the Bakery Section of the store. The Pizza oven used Security Chimneys Grease Duct Venting CIX 304SS inner liner with 2″ fiber insulation and aluminum outer casing. The Double Rack Oven used Security Chimneys A-Vent Product with 1″ insulation.

Benefits of using Security’s Factory Built Grease Duct? It eliminates the requirement for a fire-rated enclosure around the duct. Which is very time consuming and expensive! On top of that, it is aesthetically pleasing and can be left open as a design element. It also eliminates the need for costly on-site welding and inspections. Above all else is safety, rectangular ducts will pool kitchen grease in its corners and poor welds can leak grease into the insulation around. In the event of a fire, this would be very dangerous, the grease allowing fire to travel to surrounding combustible materials.

Ask Raven for assistance designing your next grease duct system.

Security Chimneys Awards Raven Supply

Sales managers from Security Chimneys Don McInroy and Dalton Hooker came to Raven Supply to present the team with an award for Outstanding Canadian Performance in venting sales.

Thank you to all of our customers who have made this possible by partnering with the Raven Team & Security. We are proud to supply their complete line of quality products. Raven offers installation diagrams as well as sizing and design assistance.

2016 VRCA Construction Leadership Forum

This past weekend Ashley attended the 2016 VRCA Construction Leadership Forum in Whistler, BC. The opening keynote speaker was David Chilton of Dragons Den. He was a great kick-off to the weekend, with many jokes and tales of the Den.

He was followed by presentations on Start your Lean Journey, How to be an Email Etiquette Ninja, Resolving Construction Disputes, Discover the Leader Within, Managing Attention in the Age of Distraction and How to Take Control of your Meetings.

Toronto Manufacturer Trip

Bennett, Nic, and Ashley went to Toronto for training this week at both the Weishaupt and De Dietrich offices. Raven has recently been appointed the Reps for BC and the Yukon for both product lines. They received in depth product training on Burners and Boilers, their operation and construction. They were very impressed by the high quality engineering and manufacturing of both product lines.


Bal’s Trip to India

In February, my husband Kal and I took off to India to visit the site of our 2015 Room to Read project at Mandal Parishad Primary School in the village of Mudigonda. The school is located 90KM from the main city of Hyderabad in southern India. It took us about 2 hours to get to the school. Raven fundraised to refurbish a library and provide 50 girls scholarships.

We were welcomed by the principal, teachers, students, the village chief along with other members of the community and parents. Our visit was approximately 3 hours long. We joined in both the preschool and elementary classes. The school also provides a community support program for new and expectant mothers on one side of the school. They also have a cook to provide lunch for students as well.

The teachers seem well-trained. They were very proud of their students and their school. They use different teaching methods, such as point systems for different levels of books, acting out books, singing and drawing. Along with teaching in their local tongue – Telugu – English is taught as well.

With the help of translation from Room to Read representatives interacting with the students was my favourite part of the trip. They were a little shy at first but soon opened up. I asked some of the students what they wanted to be when they grow up, all of the girls I asked answered teachers while the boys said doctors and police officers. They were very curious to hear about my life in Canada and about my children. We were taking pictures and making small videos during the visit and when I showed them some of their pictures,  they were so excited and mesmerized to see their own faces.

The hardest part of the visit was to witness the poverty and lack of learning materials, even with Room to Read’s help. The biggest problem I thought was the lack of reading material for different ages. For example, children for grade 1 to 3 will be offered the same books, so for 3 years the child will be reading the same material. There is a potential for the young children to fall behind because of the challenging material or older children in the group to lose interest in reading the same books over the years.

It was nice to see how much a library filled with books has made such a big difference in these children’s lives. The children were very proud to show off their library and to read some of the books out loud to us. They know this is what sets them apart from the rest of the schools around them. The Library has 2 monitors that will go to the children’s house to retrieve a book if it is not returned on time.

I left the school feeling proud and happy be part of the Room to Read program and very grateful to go and experience the difference we are making for children, their families, and their community.

We stayed a few extra days in Hyderabad and explored the city and toured the museums and ancient forts. Apparently Hyderabad is new with upcoming IT hub in India. This region is famous for manufacturing granite and is also known as the City of Pearls. A piece of granite was too heavy to bring back so I went for the pearls.

Raven wins Security Chimneys Award

Raven Supply is proud to announce we received the 2016 Achievement Award for Canadian Outstanding Performance. Raven Supply would like to thank our customers, we couldn’t have done it without you! And of course Security Chimneys for their great customer service and quality product!


Weishaupt Burner Reps

We are pleased to announce that Raven Supply has been appointed as the exclusive manufacturer’s representative for Weishaupt burners in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

Weishaupt is a world renowned manufacturer of commercial and industrial power burners, headquartered in Germany. They are regarded for their unsurpassed quality, reliability, performance, and award-winning design. Weishaupt burners are completely customizable to suit unique applications and project demands.

With applications ranging from commercial heating to industrial processing & manufacturing, Weishaupt is preferred by end-users, engineers, OEMs, and contractors in an array of markets. We at Raven are dedicated to providing you with first-class support to compliment this premium brand. Please contact us if you have any questions; we look forward to working with you.

Click here to view the official letter from Weishaupt.

Meeting with Chief Innovation Officer

Today, Brian and Ashley traveled to the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver to meet with Cory Heyman Ph.D. (Chief Innovation Officer, Executive Director, and Room to Read Accelerator) & Sharon Davis (Vancouver Room to Read Chapter). Cory was in Vancouver for an Education Conference in which he was speaking. We met with him for a breakfast meeting and learned all about involvement in Room to Read and their plans for the future to ensure that even more children in the developing world have access to quality education in the future.

From left to right: Ashley, Brian, Cory, Sharon.


2016 AHR Expo – Orlando

Bennett and Ashley took off to the World of Disney for this year’s AHR Expo at the Orange County Convention Centre. The Centre itself is over 2 million square feet. They got to visit some of their older manufacturers, such as Bryan Boilers, celebrating their 100 year anniversary. While at the show, they also visited Fulton’s booth to view their new products offerings to come! Others visited include Security Venting, Niles Steel Tanks, Twin City Hose, and Kelvion Heat Exchange products. And of course, they met our newest manufacturer, De Dietrich Boilers!

After a few days, they went out to experience some of Disney. Magic Kingdom, The Boardwalk, and Universal Studios were on the top of their lists – and being from Vancouver, the rain didn’t bother them too much!

2015 Initiative Complete

Raven Supply has handed over the $25,500 raised last year by Raven Supply, their vendors, and customers. The funds raised in 2015 will go towards filling a library with books, puzzles, and other learning materials. We also fundraised to provide 50 girls in India with a one-year scholarship. This provides them with workbooks, backpacks and other supplies they need to succeed as well as support from within the community. Room-to-Read’s in-country staff, provide continuous support for these girls and ensure they are continuing to attend school.


Room to Read 2014 Initiative Launch Report

Raven Supply is proud to announce our 2014 fundraising initiative has been implemented! Our 2014 project was creating a literate school community. This included filling a library with books, puzzles, and other educational materials. Also providing instruction to grade 1 teachers, as well as Library training. We also fundraised with our contractors to fill an additional library in Nepal!

Please see the following document for a detailed description of these projects: 2014 Project Launch Report

Cambodia 2016

Raven Supply is happy to announce that the location of its 2016 fundraising initiative for Room to Read is Cambodia. We do not yet have the details on what we will be funding for, whether it be a school, library, scholarships or teacher training, but we cannot wait to start our 4th year of contributing to such a great cause. Keep posted for upcoming announcements!

Room to Read Global Fact Sheet
Our Work in Cambodia

Raven Featured in 2016 Fulton Calendar!

Raven Supply has been featured in the Fulton 2016 Calendar. This skid package was supplied for the Royal Inland Hospital in Kelowna, BC. Two Fulton Tribute Steam Boilers were selected to provide humidification for 3 large air handling units. Contact us today for your copy!