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Adopt a School – Frank Hurt Secondary School

Raven Supply has joined the Adopt a School program in Surrey and decided to fund the Frank Hurt Basic Needs Program. This program provides funds for vulnerable students that extend beyond the breakfast & lunch programs at the school. It includes transit passes so the kids no longer have to choose which days to go to go to school because they cannot afford transit passes for everyday of the week, sleeping in parks because their homes are unsafe, not attending school because they lack laundry facilities in their homes, or even after receiving scholarships and bursaries they are not able to afford the $50 application fee for post-secondary education. The school’s principal and counsellors manage the funds to provide a report on exactly how the funds are allocated to the students.

We were given a tour of the school, met with the Principal Ms. Sarmento and she introduced us to the different after school activities available through teacher volunteers. Hearing stories of where they have needed this funding in the past and how they are able to help their students. The school even has a Raven Club, hosted by the Aboriginal teachers, that welcomes students of all backgrounds to learn about Native culture, make traditional drums with a modern twist. We were really pleased to see that even on a day during the students’ Final Exams, there were so many students at the school, studying, playing games and really shows how comfortable and safe they feel in their school.

On top of the Basic Needs program Raven has decided to assist in the funding of 3 students on the football team to participate in this year’s BC Lions training, an event that hits close to home with Brian’s love for football and his past coaching experiences and him believing the team should be able to have this experience together.

We are happy to be able to make a difference in our local community, providing the assistance these teachers need to create a better future for the students at Frank Hurt.

In addition to the program at Frank Hurt, Raven will also be funding an out of school program for Elementary students. Giving the children a safe environment to participate in structured after-school activities. The program focuses on a different theme each day & get to find out where their interest lie.