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We have reached our 2015 Vendor Project goal!

Raven Supply is happy to announce we have reached our 2015 Vendor Project goal! Thank you to our vendors who so generously gave us discounts off our orders, and thank you to our customers for continuing to give us orders so we can ask for these discounts! We only have $650.00 to go on our 2015 Customer project and are looking forward to completing the customer project this month as well.

Room to Read Initiative Update

Raven Supply was very excited to meet with Annie Place of Room to Read this month! She works on West Coast initiatives and recently joined the Room to Read team. She was in town to meet with a few donors in the Vancouver Area. Thanks to all Ravens Vendors and Customers that have participated in our fundraising initiatives since 2013 in Nepal and India for putting us on the Room to Read map!

Annie will be keeping us connected with Room to Read and providing us with our 2016 Room to Read initiative options!

Manufacturer Announcement!

Raven Supply is now the exclusive supplier in BC and the Yukon for Kelvion (Formerly GEA Heat Exchangers Group) for the HVAC market. The product line includes Plate heat exchangers, shell & tube heat exchangers, finned tube heat exchangers, modular cooling towers and refrigeration air fin coolers.

Manufacturer Announcement!

We are pleased to announce our appointment as exclusive representatives for Cain industries. Cain Industries is a manufacturer of waste heat recovery systems for the following industries: gas & diesel generation systems, boiler exhaust stack economizer systems, and fume incineration systems.

Raven Welcomes New Team Member

Raven Supply is excited to welcome Nic Sun to our team! Nic first joined our team in 2012 as an Engineering Co-op student and has now graduated from UBC in Integrated Engineering. Nic’s background knowledge in the industry will help him get up to speed quickly. Over the next while Nic will be familiarizing himself with Ravens Products and getting ready to visit Engineering offices. Please help us in welcoming Nic! [email protected]

Committed to Reading

Raven Supply has been featured by HPAC Magazine after completing our first site visit with Room to Read. Click here to read the article.

Internal Promotions at Raven

Raven Supply is proud to announce Bennett Lee as our new VP of Venting Sales and Ashley Bouchard as our new VP of Operations.

Earthquake in Nepal

The news of this past Saturdays earthquake in Nepal has been devastating. As search and rescue crews are still doing their jobs, Room to Read has released the following update: click here to view.

The details surrounding the school Raven has funded, its students & teachers is unknown at this point. We will continue to share updates as we get them.

Thank you for your support.

Sun Run 2015

This past Sunday Bennett and Ashley participated in the 31st annual Sun Run in Vancouver. Since 1985 the Sun Run has become Canada’s largest 10K road race. Originally the race’s purpose was to promote fitness, gathering 3,200 runners.

This year’s Sun Run gathered over 40,000 runners and the funds raised go to 6 local charities including BC Children’s Hospital, BC SPCA, Heart & Stroke Foundation, BC Women’s Hospital & Health Foundation, Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation, Ronald McDonald House British Columbia.

The 10K run starts on Georgia, down to Beach Ave to Pacific and Burrard, then runners head down Cornwall to 4th & Granville to Oak St. Once they hit Cambie its just over the bridge to Pacific Blvd where everyone gathers at BC Place for a rest, drinks & snacks and to wait for friends.

Bennett was at the top of our office times with 50min and 24 seconds, with Ashley not too far behind at 1hour 10minutes and 44 seconds.

This run aligns perfectly with our views & you will most likely see us out there again next year as Raven tries to move towards healthier lifestyles and supporting the community.

Big thanks to Brian for donating to the Kid Start team!!

Nepal Site Visit Complete!

Ashley has just arrived back from Palpa Nepal visiting our very first 2013 Room to Read Fundraising project, a new 2 room classroom block including a library! Joined by her sister they were welcomed by the school & community and preformed the opening ceremony. Please see Our Blog for more details!

Ashleys Trip to Nepal – Shree Madan Asrit Lower Secondary School

Raven Supply sent my sister Gabrielle and me to Palpa, Nepal to go and see our 2013 Room to Read project. The trip was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

It began rather exciting with dance-off with the locals, natural rock climbing up to a tower & a beautiful sunset view before they took us back to our hotel for the evening. The next morning we all loaded into the jeep and headed 2.5-3hrs further up the mountain, on a very interesting road that barely fit one car, we learned very quickly the horn is the most important part on a car on that side of the world.

When we got to the school we were greeted by the schools’ principal, vice principal and in-country director as well as the entire school. They then gave us flowers & a powder on our foreheads and we went to cut the ribbon to the library and classroom that were constructed. It was such an amazing experience. We then sat in on a grade 1 class for about one hour & watched the students and teacher interact (no English was used in this school); from what we could tell the class was being instructed just as a class would be back in Canada. The teaching styles, getting students to sound out words, practicing and encouraging the students. Also, the look on their faces when they were getting rewarded in front of these strange guests was adorable!

After sitting in the grade one class we went to the library with the grade 5 class. They read together for a bit, then the race was on over to the new bookshelves to pick out a book that they would be taking home for the remainder of the week. We were shown the book checkout system and the library schedule and were told by the teacher that they were so happy with the library because it has put their school on a higher level than even some schools in Kathmandu with the number of resources they have now. They then got one of the students to read aloud while Gabrielle and I repeated what we thought we heard, getting a lot of laughs in between. They then asked me to do the same, I do admit they were much better at this than we were.

The experience Raven and Room to Read gave my sister and I was one that we will remember for the rest of our lives. It has also reassured me that what we are doing is making a huge impact on these communities, giving these children access to education and the chance for a better future.

An introduction to PolyPro, Polypropylene Plastic Venting AKA: PP, PPC, PPS

Polypropylene plastic venting has recently taken the venting world by storm. Not only is polypropylene the safest, most reliable material for plastic installation, it is also easy to install. Instead of using primers and solvent, polypropylene utilizes a sealing gasket at each joint. The use of joints allows the pipes to expand and contract, this eliminates stress-cracking problems that are common with solvent-welded pipe systems. Gaskets also make the system easy to pull apart and put back together again. Polypropylene is a simple plastic composed of carbon and hydrogen and has been around since the 1950’s. In the event of a fire, no leeching or off-gassing of heavy metals or carcinogens occurs. Polypropylene is known for being strong, flexible and is environmentally friendly as it is recyclable. When using polypropylene there are no long-term health risks due to inhalation of vapours or absorption of chemicals into the skin. Polypropylene also has a higher operating temperature, quicker to install and is cheaper than CPVC and PVC. PolyPro also comes is a Flex option which is usually used for retrofit installation of new, high-efficiency appliances in homes with an existing masonry chimney or sheet-rocked chase. PolyPro is approved for a quickly growing number of appliance systems, make sure to always verify that the appliance is approved for polypropylene.

2015 Room to Read fundraising initiatives!

Raven Supply is proud to announce its 2015 Room to Read fundraising initiatives! For this year’s vendor project we will be funding to send 50 girls in India to school for 1 year through Room to Reads Girls Education Program, a total of $17,500. Through this program not only will the girls be allowed to go to school it will provide them with confidence & life skills, mentor programs, academic support & create community and family engagement. Please see 2015 Vendor Project PDF for more details!

For our 2015 customer project Raven Supply will be fundraising to complete a renovation of an existing library in Andhra Pradesh, India. The total renovation cost is $8,000 this includes providing materials such as books, puzzles, furniture, posters, puzzles & library management training. Please see 2015 Customer Project PDF for more details!

Adopt a School – Frank Hurt Secondary School

Raven Supply has joined the Adopt a School program in Surrey and decided to fund the Frank Hurt Basic Needs Program. This program provides funds for vulnerable students that extend beyond the breakfast & lunch programs at the school. It includes transit passes so the kids no longer have to choose which days to go to go to school because they cannot afford transit passes for everyday of the week, sleeping in parks because their homes are unsafe, not attending school because they lack laundry facilities in their homes, or even after receiving scholarships and bursaries they are not able to afford the $50 application fee for post-secondary education. The school’s principal and counsellors manage the funds to provide a report on exactly how the funds are allocated to the students.

We were given a tour of the school, met with the Principal Ms. Sarmento and she introduced us to the different after school activities available through teacher volunteers. Hearing stories of where they have needed this funding in the past and how they are able to help their students. The school even has a Raven Club, hosted by the Aboriginal teachers, that welcomes students of all backgrounds to learn about Native culture, make traditional drums with a modern twist. We were really pleased to see that even on a day during the students’ Final Exams, there were so many students at the school, studying, playing games and really shows how comfortable and safe they feel in their school.

On top of the Basic Needs program Raven has decided to assist in the funding of 3 students on the football team to participate in this year’s BC Lions training, an event that hits close to home with Brian’s love for football and his past coaching experiences and him believing the team should be able to have this experience together.

We are happy to be able to make a difference in our local community, providing the assistance these teachers need to create a better future for the students at Frank Hurt.

In addition to the program at Frank Hurt, Raven will also be funding an out of school program for Elementary students. Giving the children a safe environment to participate in structured after-school activities. The program focuses on a different theme each day & get to find out where their interest lie.

Raven Supply to Represent Security Chimneys International

Less than a year ago, Raven had been named as representatives for Duravent – a sister company owned under the M&G umbrella. Based on the tremendous job Raven did with this line in a very short period, the decision to promote them to represent Security’s line-up was an easy one to make.

In addition to representing the existing commercial venting products which are matched to suit the Canadian Market, Raven Supply will also steer the introduction of Security’s next-generation Secure stack line; an advanced modular positive pressure (pressure-stack) chimney system engineered for boiler breeching, diesel generator exhaust systems, stack applications, and grease ducting. Read the Press Release Learn more about Security Chimneys

Nepal Construction Completion Report

Raven Supply is proud to share with you the completion report for the school funded by Raven and its Vendors in 2013. The school has gotten an new two-room classroom block. The new classrooms are adequately ventilated and well lit by natural light. The walls of the school building have been plastered and painted. Each classroom can accommodate 45 students very comfortably.

The community has received training on how to properly run the school with Financial management, Project management, basic and specialized construction techniques; water & sanitation. As well as building maintenance.

We hope you enjoy the report and we are looking forward to sharing with you even more details after Ashley and her sister take a trip to Nepal to see the school in March.

Raven would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this initiative. Read the Nepal Construction Completion Report