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Niles in the Interior

Brian and Ashley headed out on the road again this time on an Interior BC tour checking out a few job sites and visiting customers before the snow starts to fly! With recently taking on the Niles Steel Tank line we have been pleasantly surprised at the response we have seen from our customers. Above you can see a picture of one of 3 very large Niles tanks provided to the Penticton Hatchery. A new facility that will be home to 2-3 hundred thousand Sockeye at a time. These tanks are covered in our R-16 spray on foam insulation.

We also recently supplied a few specialty stainless steel storage tanks to the Penticton Hospital. This was a great show of just how custom our Niles tanks can get. These had to be horizontal and all fittings rotated to the top of the tank to make clearances (the guys on site didn’t think they would make it in, it was close!) The tanks were 316L SS & passivated for an extended warranty. When we went to the site, the tanks weren’t in place, however, the concrete pads were just about set & ready for the switchover.