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Fulton Boiler Training, New York

This week Brian and Ashley traveled to Pulaski, New York to attend Fulton Boiler Sales Training. During the training, they covered Fulton hot water boilers, Fulton boiler controls, Fulton steam boilers and Fulton thermal fluid boilers. They were very impressed to see what an innovative company Fulton is. They have a large staff of young engineers and are willing to invest the time and money required to bring Fulton to the top of the boiler industry.

During their stay in Pulaski, Brian and Ashley stayed at the Tailwater Lodge a local fishing lodge that was previously an Elementary School. With Pulaski being so close to Lake Ontario, they even got to enjoy their first snowfall! This part of New York is known for its fishing, hunting and of course Fulton boilers.

After each training session, we got to tour the manufacturing plant and see the processes for constructing these boilers and why Fulton can say they build their boilers Rugged, Robust & Reliable. One thing that really stuck out for both Brian and Ashley was the skid boiler systems. These aren’t your regular boiler skid packages. Fulton skid mounts the boiler and all other ordered equipment such as pumps, feed tanks & blow down separators if required. Then the equipment is completely wired and piped so all that is left to do is connect to one supply line, one return line, and one electrical connection.