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Ashley and Bennett’s Excellent Adventure!

Ashley and Bennett in our office signed up for training in Peru, Indiana and Niles, Michigan and decided to turn it into an adventure. In Peru, Indiana they visited the Bryan plant to attend some training as well as an awesome factory tour along with all the other Canadian reps. While at Bryan they also visited the circus museum! (Did you know: Peru, Indiana is the circus capital of the world?!). At the factory, Ashley in the photos is standing beside a 25,000,000 Btu/hr boiler system that is being installed at the Marriott hotel in NYC. Amazing right? it was HUGE!. Visiting the Circus museum they saw many authentic drawings, mannequins and learned about the cities experiences in the Circus. Adding to the circus facts, Ashley and Bennett learned that one of the gentlemen at Bryan, Ron Guth takes part in the Circus’s yearly fair. He volunteers with the Lions Club, who sells famous Beef Biscuit. All proceeds go to the children of Peru in need of eyeglasses. Since we’re a huge supporter of Room to Read we found this especially close to our hearts.  The Circus lives on in Peru with people still training and practicing today, keeping the energy and love alive.

Moving along to the next part of their Excellent Adventure. Ashley and Bennett then headed on over to Niles, Michigan and got another day of training and factory tours. Mid road-trip, they decided to stop at Notre Dame University for a quick visit. Keep in mind the weather isn’t exactly warm at this point, as you can see in the pictures. However, the snow along the campus floors and roofs were more beautiful than ever. Walking along campus and visiting the campus store, they both grabbed a couple souvenirs and were on the road again.

The trip came to an end, with Ashley saying “It was so cold, I couldn’t wait to get back to Canada”. Ironically enough, the people in Peru didn’t understand why a Canadian would be complaining about the cold. It was funny but seriously cold, and Bennett complaining about how he couldn’t eat past 8 pm. Together they had a lot of fun, learned a ton and were so happy to have had the experience of going to Niles and Peru.

Now that you’ve read about their trip, look at the gallery and see it for yourself!